10 Household Tasks Baking Soda Can Tackle

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It is convenient to have supplies around the house that can serve multiple purposes. Rather than having to reach for several different items to accomplish the numerous tasks before you, you can grab that one thing and carry it alone along with you as you tackle household jobs. In this case, the way to minimize the load you tote between chores is baking soda. There are many things baking soda can accomplish around the house that make it a useful thing to have around. Below are ten reasons baking soda is a must-have in your house.

1. Rid refrigerators of odor with a box of baking soda. Simply pop the box open and set it in an out of the way area inside of your fridge for odor control and elimination.

2. Should a fire occur, put it out with baking soda. Simply toss baking soda on the source of the flames to put fire out.

3. Reduce moisture in areas where it can be harmful to items stored, such as in the case of tools. Keep an open box in tool chests or cabinets to fend off moisture that contributes to the formation of rust.

4. Did you tape your windows up for a storm and now have unsightly residue left behind? Get that residue off with baking soda! Mix baking soda and water to make a paste and scrub residue away.

5. Clean, disinfect, and deodorize your drains with baking soda. Pour a cup of it down each drain followed by a cup of vinegar to cut down on odor and clogs. Do this weekly for best results.

6. If you have a roach problem, conquer it with baking soda. Mix equal parts baking soda and sugar in a small bowl. Roaches will be drawn to this and consuming it will kill them.

7. Got some musty smelling books on your bookshelves? Place books in a plastic bag with baking soda and seal it closed. Within a couple of weeks, baking soda will absorb the odor leaving your books smelling fresh.

8. Clean carpets with baking soda to remove both stains and odors. For such issues, sprinkle baking soda on and mist with warm water. Leave for about an hour then agitate with a rag or sponge, then vacuum once dry.

9. Got a grimy grill? Sprinkle baking soda on your grill and let it sit overnight, then give it a good brushing with warm water and the grime will be gone.

10. If your bathtub and shower could stand some soap scum removal, a scrubbing with baking soda is in order. Either make a paste with baking soda and water or apply baking soda to a wet sponge and wipe soap scum away.

Baking soda really is useful to have because there are so many functions it can perform. Plus it is cheap and non-toxic which is of great importance to many of us in an age when harsh chemicals seem to be taking over. Stock up on baking soda today and enjoy all it has to offer to make both your home cleaner and your life easier!

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