5 Bizarre Things That Have Fallen Through the Roof

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Crash! What was that? Your heart istrying to recover from the unexpected noise that came from your ceiling. Youlook up at the gaping hole aghast as falling debris and dust trickle onto yourcarpet. Then you stare at the floor incredulously at the unusual object that had fallen through your roof. It was nothing you had ever suspected. This was the reaction of witnesses in fivedifferent events around the globe who literally watched the most bizarre thingsthat have fallen through their roofs.

Meteor Showers Rain Through a Roof

This story comes all the way fromAuckland, New Zealand where homeowner Brenda Archer was very surprised todiscover that a 1.3pound meteor the size of a grapefruit had crashed through her roof one Juneafternoon. Meteors showers aren't as uncommon as one might think, and severalhomeowners each year require roofingrepairsdue to small meteors.

Space Debris Invade Man's Space

Mystery surrounds a cylindricalchunk of six-inch metal weighing in at five pounds thatplummeted through aPlymouth, Massachusetts roof at a furniture distribution center. Fortunately,only the roof was injured in the incident, but police and FAA officials still
cannot identify what the object is and say it appears to have come from heavy machinery of some type. The fact that it would require tremendous force behind the object to leave such extensive roof damage, leave many guessing that it could be space debris.

Woman Has a Wee Bit of a Problem in UK Home

How's this for a wake-up call? CarolineGuy woke up in her Staffordshire, UK home with a "wee" problem aneighteen-inch hole in the roof and another hole in her mobile home's floor. Theculprit turned out to be a frozenchunk of ice from an airplane toilet. However disgusting this seems, it'sactually so common that airlines have a name for the brownish colored frozen
toilet water "blue ice." Airlines also claim that no one is to blame, sohopefully your homeowners insurance will help cover any necessary roofingrepairs due to the occurrence.

It's Raining....Cows?

Unbelievably, there have beennumerous reports over the years of cows yes, cows! -- falling through roofs.Often, only the roof and the cow suffer, but earlier this year in southwestern
Brazil, a misguided cowfell through an asbestos roof killing a man and just narrowly missing hiswife sleeping next to him. No one has quite figured out how this could have happened in what's practically a one-cow town.
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Woman's Home Gets 'Canon'ized

When a 9-inch Canon camera smashed into Debbie Payne's Petaluma roof in the Bay City area two years ago, it literally shook her two-story home and caused an estimated $4500 in damages. Fortunately, her homeowner's insurance will cover everything but the $1000 deductible for the hole in the roof and several torn window screens. Where the camera came from and who owns it is still a mystery.

It's not every day you get a bizarreitem falling through your ceiling, but it would have made for an interestingstory when filing the insurance claim and explaining it to the roofer.

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