6 Best Home Improvement and DIY Apps

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Are you a weekend warrior? A technologically savvy DIYer? Or, maybe you just want to make your smartphone into the most mobile part of your home improvement toolkit. Before you embark on your next project, check out these super handy apps that are bound to serve you well in your quest to transform your home into your dream abode.


Maybe you're driving home and, in the sunset, you see the color you want for the accent wall in your living room. At the shopping mall and see a t-shirt that's a heavenly shade of blue? Use your phone's camera to take a picture of whatever hue that sparks your color lust and let the free Colorsnap app from Sherwin-Williams do the rest.

The app will search available colors from Sherwin Williams and find the closest paint match possible to the color in your snapshot. Of course, lighting affects how well this app works so try to take your pictures in a setting that really showcases your target color.

The Handyman Calculator

After you meticulously jot down measurements for the space you're working on, find out things like the square footage of the floor or the total volume of asphalt that you'll need. The Handyman Calculator, a free app for Android devices, helps you get precise numbers for your projects, whether you're building a staircase or tiling the bathroom floor. With accurate numbers, your DIY homework is bound to look like a professional job.

Home Improvement Calcs

This app is iOS's answer to The Handyman Calculator, performing most of the same functions. However, for $2, you get a little more with this app. It has about 74,000 preset functions that can help you with pretty much any home improvement project you can dream of.

As an added bonus, "It also includes enough helpful explanatory illustrations that you'll be able to BS your way through the lumber section of your Home Depot with ease," as it says at Gizmodo.com, which makes it an especially valuable app for newbie DIYers.

Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius

Whether you've been taking care of your home for decades or you're new to the realm of DIY, you always have room to learn. The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius from the folks at Writer's Digest is a treasure trove of handy tips and tricks to make your projects go off without a hitch.

The app covers just about everything from woodworking and painting to organizing rooms and picking out the right type of fertilizer for your garden. There's also a cool 'Tip of the Day' feature that keeps the fresh ideas popping up.

You can opt for the free version or part with $5 for the full version. Either way, this app is a steal.

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter app takes your $2 and gives you a useful set of tools. It uses your device's sensors so your iPhone becomes a surface level, a bubble level, a plumb bob, a ruler, and a protractor. Sure, the on-screen ruler isn't the most convenient way to get accurate measurements, but it can still get the job done when you're measuring small items. Plus, this app's additional uses make it worth the meager price tag.


Home maintenance is key to saving you from costly home repairs down the road, which is why HomeSavvy is so useful. Tell this free app about your home and it generates a care schedule for you, giving recommendations about things like when to clean your gutters, trim the shrubbery, and clean out the pool. It also offers DIY tips and, for the jobs you can't handle on your own, a list of prescreened contractors. HomeSavvy is available for both Android and iOS devices.

If you're remodeling your home, building a new rail for the deck, or just want to refresh the den with a new coat of paint, your smartphone can become your favorite DIY tool. With a little practical experience and the right apps, you'll have what you need to conquer almost any home improvement project that comes your way.

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Nice Article..
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