7 No-Fuss Home Renovation Tips to Follow Soon After Shifting to a New Place

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Lisa Marsan is community manager for Decking up a new home from scratch is immensely stress-inducing precisely because we are no Martha Stewarts and also because what happens at Pinterest, stays in Pinterest (read DIY #fails)! So, what do you do when you have to renovate a place all by yourself? Here are some easy tips to usher in some spunk in your new home soon after moving in:

7 No-Fuss Home Renovation Tips to Follow Soon After Shifting to a New Place - glendaamaya - home-renovation-630-630.jpg

1. Don't neglect the roof: The rooftop of your house is essential for providing apt insulation and safeguarding your property against external weather conditions. Hence, the first thing that you need to do in terms of renovating your home soon after moving in, is to hire a roofing contractor and get it inspected and repaired if the need arises.

2. Don't forget the bathroom: While renovating your home from the very beginning, take the opportunity to reinvent your bathrooms as well. A huge mirror is a must-have irrespective of the size of the bathroom as it serves both as a decor item, as well as, offers functionality. Also, if your bathroom is small in size, then a full length wall mirror will make it appear bigger! You can also invest in splashbacks for your shower area and install fancy tapware and cabinets to make it look as good as a luxurious spa.

3. Redo the floors as well: Another essential part of the renovation process is redoing the floorboards. I would recommend this mainly because sometimes the place you move in is not inspected thoroughly for pests like termites and rodents. Hence, taking this step will not only give you the opportunity to go for pest treatments but also help you replace the existing boards with those of your choice. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

4. Get some new crockery for the kitchen: Even if you have lots of China and other crockery, cutlery etc., which you have brought with you, I would still recommend that you go shopping for some new ones and arrange them in a dainty showcase in your dining area or in your kitchen, as a part of the decor. Think of flute glasses, dinner sets, some ornate silverware to name a few, which you can easily get from the nearest store. If you don't have a showcase already, then it is time for you to purchase one.

5. Add some colours to the living room: If your new home needs repainting, then take the opportunity to add some colours to your living room. Why not go for azure blue instead of beige and breathe life into the walls or try out some funky colour schemes like lime green or lemon yellow? Also, you can use some pretty, colourful rugs (which you never dared to use before) and use them as throws for your sofas. This way, you can go all Gypsy in your living room and make it look every bit as alluring!

6. Add some dainty doorknobs: Doors are one of the most neglected areas when we talk about renovation. It is time to change this notion by adding some beautiful doorknobs to each door that you have around the house. However, you need not run pillar to post since there is a wide range of doorknobs that you can get online and that too at unbelievable prices! You can even get them to match your requirements.

7. Use books as decor: Taking a cue from the last tip, you can also use your book collection as decor pieces. For instance, if you have some really great looking hardbound books, you can stack them creatively on your coffee tables, side tables, dressers and other places just the way you like it. If you aren't a book-person, then you can head to your nearest thrift store and procure some just for this purpose.

In a nutshell

Whether it is making thorough changes in your home or simply going for certain touch-ups, each and every thing that you do for renovation counts. These tips will get you started on the same. Alternatively, you can also search various other tips using the internet and get inspired. Hire San Francisco moving company to move into new home.

If you too have something to add to this list, feel free to do so via your comments!

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