A Closer Look at the Rubbermaid Paint Buddy

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It is a shame that the appearance of freshly painted walls cannot last forever. Unfortunately, however, things happen to take that brilliant look and mar it with another look entirely, bringing scratches, scuffs, stains, and other unappealing visual damages to the forefront of painted walls.

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No one wants to look at a scuffed up wall, but bringing out the paint cans to cover such marks is not all that appealing either. To cover one little mark can be quite an undertaking, one that we often do not have the time or energy to repair. We let things go and before you know it, for one reason or another, the damages to our walls cannot be fixed or covered except by taking drastic measures.

Worse yet, perhaps there was no leftover paint to match the walls in your home. Maybe you got the last of what turned out to be a discontinued color and now there is nothing you can do to exactly match the look you already have. Painting the rest of a room to cover a small mark is a little excessive, but to get the job done you may find that you have no choice.

There is also the possibility that insult may be added to your wall's injury by the paint you saved to cover such damages being dried out. Good paint storage is essential to keeping that paint in a useful form, but sometimes things happen. A seal might not be as good as you thought and the paint was able to dry out to achieve a useless state.

Paint problems are an unfortunate issue to have, but there is a way that some of them can be avoided. After some recent experimentation with a device called the Rubbermaid Paint Buddy by Shur-Line, the light at the end of the tunnel became visible. In this one small device, it is possible to store paint indefinitely and use it to touch up walls by using this device as your only tool.

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By combining a flocked mini-roller with an airtight compartment, paint is kept fresh and ready for use. Included in the device is a funnel that enables pouring paint into the container without making a mess. Roller refills can be purchased if necessary but the existing roller is easy to clean.

In the end, what you have here is a self-contained device that gives you access to both paint and a roller with no muss or fuss. Simply roll the Rubbermaid Paint Buddy over marked up areas and watch them disappear, then clean the roller and store the device for your future needs. The downside, however, is that the amount of paint you can store in this device is limited, so a need for a backup supply may be necessary if you find yourself with a frequent need for touch ups.

Have you tried a Rubbermaid Paint Buddy in your home? Would you consider one? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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