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It has been really long since you wanted to give your home a refreshing, new feel. Renovations are usually expensive, time-consuming and an unpredictable process. And for it to go well you are required to be involved at all stages, right from chalking out the blue-print, deciding on your contractors and suppliers to overseeing the everyday progress. Even a few-weeks' long project requires months of planning. So if you are not up to it financially or you don't have the luxury of time, a few time-tested trade tricks can work magic for you.

Let's tackle bedrooms and the kitchen first. They are the heart and soul of your home, so let's begin with them.

What you can do for your bedrooms

Your bedroom is your most personal and intimate space where you spend a considerable amount of time. A clean, fresh and new look can definitely perk up your mood and bring some color to your mornings. Let's see how you can go about doing this.

1) Clean, dust, mop. Vacuum clean and wash the floor. Dust off that film of dust from the TV and dresser. Wipe the walls. A clean room instantly looks fresh and sparkling.

2) Change the color scheme. Get new bed sheets and a few colorful throw pillows to brighten up the room.

3) A few decorative pieces. You can invest in some good art work, a beautiful lampshade or the all-time favorite mirrors.

4) Purge. Sort, evaluate and organize your clothes, shoes and accessories. How many have you worn in the last one year? If not, are you sure you will wear them in the coming days or weeks? Do they fit you anymore? By now you probably have a pile of unwanted clothes, shoes as well as tons of accessories on the floor. Donate the ones in good condition and toss the rest into the bin. You can earn some bucks by putting up a few on sale as well.

5) Reset and restore your closet. If you are really cramped for space, consider getting some good quality storage solutions and organizers. A few shelves, drawers and hooks can really optimize your space. You can keep away all the off-seasonal clothing in baskets and tuck them away in upper shelves or maybe under the bed. Clean the insides of the wardrobe and scatter a few scented sachets that give a fresh and soothing smell as you open the doors. Cedar wood oil is good for keeping away moths and is a good insect repellant.

6) Get some good quality hangers. Invest in some good quality hangers. If you have managed to trim your wardrobe like a true-blue minimalist, treat yourself to the satin hangers from onlyhangers.com. They give a luxurious feel to your closet and the clothes look really good on them, after all they are the fortunate ones left from your ruthless purging.

What you can do for children's bedrooms

Kid's bedrooms are super-messy because its home to their clothes, toys, schoolwork as well as unwelcome clutter which flow in from other rooms and finally find their nesting place there. Do make your children also a part of the drill-sort, evaluate, purge. You don't want your three-year old bawling the next day when she finds her favorite toy-train missing, do you?

So now that you have tackled your own bedroom, you are a pro at it and get down to business, head-on.

1) Clean-up big-time. This may take up more time than you can imagine. Kids' rooms usually have plenty of invisible clutter. You find a treasure of tiny parts from Lego, missing puzzle pieces, crayons, broken bits of trucks and cars and AG socks hidden in the unlikeliest of parts. A sparkling clean room will take plenty of effort, and some more, if the kids are 'helping'.

2) Add some color. You can give a fresh coat of paint to the furniture. Or you could have some fun and paint the edges of the door a bright red or the sides of the drawers in bright hues. This would be like a different color popping out each time they open one. I liked the idea when a friend suggested it. What about you?

3) Sort, assess and dunk. Help your kids try out the clothes in the closet. What does not fit, is worn out or spoilt should be removed. You can donate the good ones to charity. You can also do the same with the toys.

4) Organize the wardrobe. Try to make things easy for your children. Lower the closet rods and have adjustable shelves. What is used most and frequently should be on the floor or on lower shelves. Toys can be organized in sturdy plastic tubs or clear plastic boxes.

5) Have space for kids to roll around. Children use every inch of their rooms. Have colorful beanbags, rugs, tents and canopies to play around.

What you can do for your kitchen

Kitchens are the most used part of your house. So obviously they are very messy as well. Lets' see how we can have a quick revamp of the kitchen.

1) Follow the drill. Empty your kitchen inside out. Thoroughly check, assess and evaluate what you have. Do you need as many pots, pans and utensils? Is all the cookware in good condition? Don't be sentimental about that wok which you've used for ages. Throw away all the junk.

2) Clean, dust and wipe all the storage areas. Clean up the counter. Clean up all that you want to keep back into the cabinets. Are the herbs and sauces past their use-by date? Do you really use those exotic spices? And what are those strange looking....er...oh yes you bought them on your vacation in Hawaii. So purge all that is not absolutely necessary.

3) Spend on uniformity. Okay, we are not Martha Stewarts. But you can strive to bring in some coordinated look into your cabinets by using cans of same color or size. Glass jars add elegance and style like nothing else. Similarly mason jars are a cheap option. You can also make minor changes and tweaks in the kitchen dcor to standardize the look.

4) Beautify. You can take out all your pretty glassware and arrange them in the glass shelves. Make sure it really pleases you and you can see how pretty your kitchen looks all of a sudden. Take out your expensive china, display it prominently. And do make sure there is a spotlight above. There now, see your kitchen transforming?

5) Add some freshness. Keep some flowers on the table or a beautiful painting on the wall. It really gives your kitchen a new face. Invest in the latest kitchen appliance if you really want it. Kitchen should be a place where you can experiment and have some fun. So be generous and guilt-free while spending on the makeover, and ensure you are absolutely happy with the result.

Renovation spells misery for most people. But if you are not making structural alterations or major interior alterations, it can be quite light on the wallet. This does not mean you have to compromise on quality and go all out cheap, but with some research and scouting you can get a good deal for yourself. With minor alterations you can really give your home the much-needed facelift.


So don your creative hat, get your family to chip in, pull along a friend to give you valuable suggestions and get started right away. In no time your home will be spring-fresh, ready to welcome the warm summer!

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