Animals in your Gutters? Kick them to the Curb!

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As I speak with more people, I have come to notice most don't realize they need an endcap when they are installing a gutter protection system. You may not have thought about this either. All gutter guards are attached differently but all need an end piece to keep out the unwanted pests. Endcaps don't just keep your water from spilling onto the ground anymore, they give extra needed protection from many different creatures.

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Are you seeing little unwanted friends living in your gutters?

Animals love to build their little homes in your nicely shaded gutters. There are many types of critters that can live within your gutter system. Some of the most common animals and critters are Birds, Squirrels, Rats, Mice, Possums, Wasps, Bee's, and their nests.

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Endcaps are not only important, they are crucial. Not installing an endcap with your gutter protection system would allow all types of animals and critters into your gutters. When these animals nest in your gutters, they clog it with leaves, branches, grass, and other various debris.

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This debris builds up and before you know it, the water is running over the gutter guard and not through it. If you are in a colder climate with snow, it can melt during the day, run down the roof, over your gutter guard, now clogged, and fall to the ground just to refreeze into ice.

This is a death trap for walkways and doors that are under gutters.

Endcaps are the pieces at the end of the gutter which encapsulate the gutter trough keeping the water from spilling out the ends. They come in many colors and shapes depending on your house, roof, and fascia board. There are many different gutter guards to choose from and each can use a different type of endcap.

Both gutter and gutter guard endcaps are important as they keep out any animals from entering the gutters and building nests, which would most certainly lead to your gutters becoming clogged.

There are many different types of gutter endcaps. One of the most important factors to remember is to make sure the endcap fits securely without any openings. Even the smallest opening can be a doorway for animals and critters to build their home in your gutters.

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This will certainly cause you time, frustration, and, most importantly, money in the long run!

Unclogging your gutters can run you anywhere from $100-$150 each time they have to come out to unclog your gutter. This cost could increase based on the linear footage of your home and how many stories your home is.

Clogged Gutter can easily cause water run up under the roof line and done and around the fascia board. This can create horrible damage of rot, mildew, insulation break down, and the gross smell that comes with it. All this costs big bucks when it happens to your home.

So be prepared! Protect your gutters today with the correct endcap and save yourself money and frustration.

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