Child Safety and Electrical Outlets

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There is something about an electrical outlet that seems to call to children. It could be that the slats and holes are irresistible when it comes to seeing what sort of items might fit inside. Perhaps it is simply the appeal of the forbidden. Whatever it is that makes children want to play with electrical outlets aside, an interaction between kids and electricity is downright dangerous and can even be deadly.

There is no replacement for the watchful eye of a parent, but there are aids on the market to help keep children from mingling with danger. One such example of these are plastic covers that can be applied to outlets, denying access to tiny fingers and the objects those fingers may wish to place into an outlet. While these plastic covers are helpful, they are also not without drawback. For one thing, when you need to use an outlet, you will have to remove the cover. That is not so much a problem as remembering to replace it when you are done. Another issue is that if you can remove it, chances are it is only a matter of time before your child sees you do so and repeats the behavior, leaving an outlet exposed.


The next option for outlet safety is a sliding outlet. On these outlets, the face is mobile and covers the recess of the outlet into which children may attempt to place objects. When you are ready to use this type of outlet, you simply stick the plug into the holes in the faade and slide to the right, at which point the deeper holes will be uncovered and your plug will slide right inside. This is effective as long as children do not figure out how to slide and maneuver the faade to expose the holes beneath it, which may or may not be a possibility, but is a scary thought nonetheless.


Possibly the best idea for use is the tamper resistant variety of outlets with a shutter design. When you attempt to stick something small into these outlets, the shutter blocks the entry of that object. However, when it comes time to insert a plug, all you have to do is insert it as you normally would and the shutter allows access. There is no need to add or manipulate anything and the need to worry that tiny fingers can remove or slide components to access dangerous electricity is not as necessary.


The safety of our children is of the utmost importance. Whether we are navigating the outside world or hanging out at home, the more steps we can take to protect them, the better off they, and we, will be. Safety outlets are an inexpensive way to prevent just that much more danger from creeping into their lives, so if you have small children or a baby on the way, pay some extra attention to your outlets and get them ready today!

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