Childproofing Fixes for Your Home

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Mobile children sometimes seem like danger magnets. They have an uncanny attraction to that which can harm them and it sometimes seems as though that pull is the only thing that matters in their tiny little worlds. While it must be nice to live without fear of injury, someone has to step in and intervene, protecting children who do not understand the danger associated with certain areas around the house. That someone is you, and while the task of child protection may seem daunting, there are some great ideas and products on the market to help you survive the childhood of your child.

Baby gates are an old standby for keeping children out of trouble. They were great in days past but are even better now, coming with more safety features as well as being more sturdy and looking better than ever before.

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The biggest dangers in most households are chemicals and cleaning agents. These should be kept out of reach at all times. This can be done by elevating them or placing them behind locked cabinet doors-maybe even both! There are several cabinet door locks on the market to help you secure cabinets and their contents.
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The 90 degree angles on coffee table and fireplace corners is the perfect place for banging heads and blackening eyes. Padding these areas will not stop such head banging but will cushion the blow.

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Electrical outlets seem to appeal to children as well. To keep little fingers and toys out of outlets, sliding safety latches are a good option. They are available to completely cover outlets and even store electrical cord since we all know those are irresistible to children as well.

Depending on the location of knobs on your stove, you may find them to also be a source of temptation. To prevent your stove from being turned on between uses and to stop little hands from getting burned, try a set of stove knob locks or a stove guard.

Now that flat screen televisions have become a mainstay in homes, so has the possibility of them falling over. If your flat screen rests atop a stand, brace or strap it down with tipping restraints so it cannot be pulled down and will not fall when bumped.

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Since the cords on window blinds can act as a noose and accidentally strangle children, those will need to be placed up and out of reach. Alternatively, replacing old blinds with cordless versions prevents such dangers. While you're addressing blind issues, check to make sure your windows are fully closed and locked with screens in place to keep children safely inside your home.

The toilet can be a lake of fun for children who do not know better, which can result in accidental drowning. Locking toilet lids down can keep little ones from playing and falling into toilet water.

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Pools are a luxury but also a danger if you have children. Fence and gate pools with structures that are hard to open and climb to keep children from gaining access to swimming pools and possibly drowning.

Just as the best defense is a good offense, the best childproofing device is the supervision of a parent or caretaker. There is no substitute for watching children carefully and closely, but sometimes even the best observer has to blink and it is in mere seconds that danger can strike. It is moments like this that having emergency numbers handy and knowing CPR can come in handy, but hopefully through good supervision and making a few simple upgrades, the intervention of emergency care will not be needed in your home.

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March 3, 2014  •  07:12 PM
Many great ideas Gina, thanks for sharing. My own child is only 8 months, but gee - he's a terror. As you rightly say, little kids seem to be magnetized by things that are potentially more harmful to them - or by the dirtiest things in the entire household. I'm currently in the Philippines and they don't sell the same child-proof gadgetry that you find in the west - in fact, erm, they hardly sell anything here for child protection. Wondering if I can make a baby gate myself... And the television - I've purchased a large bamboo table for that, but there'll come a time (no doubt) when he's strong enough to be able to push/pull that around. I think a wall mount would be the ideal.

Thanks again!

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