Choosing Shutters for Your Home

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Having shutters on your home is a way to not only dress up the exterior, but also to prevent damage to your windows. Modern shutters are often for display only, but having functional shutters can be advantageous, especially for those who live in areas plagued by severe weather. Closed shutters can prevent flying debris from breaking windows, keeping them intact while wind and storms pass. If your windows are seldom threatened it becomes less important to have shutters that can be opened and closed, hence there being two types of shutters: fixed and operable.

Fixed shutters are attached in a manner that makes them a permanent, immobile fixture on the exterior of your home. These can be decorated in various colors to match and compliment the color scheme of your home and yard. Fixed shutters are good for adding curb appeal and a splash of color to your home. On the other hand, operable shutters are more purpose driven than fixed shutters. While both can be aesthetically pleasing, operable shutters can be used as a means to protect glass from breakage and to deter unwanted intruders. They also prevent light from entering your house in the form of sunlight or exterior fixtures, which can keep rooms cooler and aid sleepers who are light sensitive. Operable shutters are available in styles such as colonial (hinged to fold and lock in place), rolling (moving from the top of the window downward, manually or by electric propulsion), and accordion (a series of folds rooted in a track, resembling an accordion).

Once you have decided on the placement of your shutters, the next step is to choose a material from which you would like your shutters to be made. There are several material options from which to choose and you are certain to find one you like that will compliment your home. A few options are:

Vinyl shutters are simple to install and easy to find at home stores everywhere. They are also light, both when you carry them in hand and when it comes to the cost of purchasing them.

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Composite shutters are made of a combination of PVC and thermally stable fiberglass. This makes them easy to care for in addition to long lasting and low maintenance.

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Wood shutters are a popular choice and look great on the outside of most homes. They do require upkeep and maintenance if they are to last, but that is the tradeoff for the beautiful colors and patterns in which they are available.

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Storm shutters are a necessity in parts of the country where severe weather is often present. These can be opened and closed manually or with the touch of a button. Storm shutters are intended to protect the windows beneath them from breakage due to flying debris and are available in many different types and styles so they both enhance and protect your home.

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Shutters have been placed on both the outside and inside of homes for many years. In the past they were used on the inside of windows to keep the elements out but over time the migrated to the outside to serve that same purpose but to also enhance appearance. By coordinating the color of your shutters with the rest of your home, you can create a look that is welcoming as well as visually appealing. Adding shutters is much like the icing on the cake in that a small accent can make a lot of difference, adding just the right touch necessary to get the admiration your home deserves.

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