Clean Windows with a Custom Squeegee

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Cleaning windows may not be a fun task, but having a crystal clear view of the world around you is pretty nice. Being able to gaze outside and watch the kids play or animals frolic about is both enjoyable and relaxing. If you are going to take part in that relaxation, however, you are going to need to be able to see outside. In this case, dirty windows need to become a thing of the past, replaced with clean ones for your viewing pleasure.

There are a lot of ways to clean windows. If you go to the cleaning supply section of any big box store, you will be treated to an array of selections when it comes to glass cleaners. They all make promises regarding the cleanliness they will deliver, and in most cases those promises hold true. What complicates window cleaning and makes the results mediocre is more of the means of cleaning than the cleaning solutions themselves.

I am a fan of using newspaper to clean glass. Armed with a reputable glass cleaner and yesterday's news, I get down to business and generally have a nice outcome when I'm done. Using newspaper eliminates a lot of streaks, making it a better choice than paper towel, but it is not entirely perfect. While the end result is always better than had I used something else, newspaper still only leaves my windows at about 90% the clarity I wish to see. The streaks left behind are generally in or near corners, perhaps because I did not move my hand fast enough when wiping or could not bend my wrist to move fluidly through those tight spaces. Call it what you will, but I can't help but still call it imperfect, especially in the case of windows that are high up and hard to reach.

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A solution to this problem would be to simply squeegee all of the windows clean, but that can be easier said than done with small paned windows. Squeegees do come in varying sizes, but it seems like they are never quite the right size for the job I need. Because of this, I have taken to making my own squeegee by cutting a full size one down to a size that works for me.

To create a custom squeegee for window cleaning, gently pry apart the clamp that holds it together. Once this is loose, slide the rubber blade and metal holder out separating them from the clamp. Measure the rubber to a size that corresponds with the size of your window panes and cut it down to that size with some heavy duty scissors. Then take your metal holder and place it in a clamp, then saw it with a hacksaw to achieve a size that works well with your rubber blade; a fraction of an inch smaller is ideal but avoid going bigger.

Clean Windows with a Custom Squeegee - GPS1504 - squeegee-1-177.jpg

With everything cut down to size, put your squeegee back together. Slide your rubber blade and metal holder back into place and gently hammer the clamp into place once more so that your squeegee is held firmly together. All that is left now is to put that squeegee to use by cleaning those windows and brightening up your view of the outside world. If necessary, you can make a custom sized squeegee for every window in your house, but hopefully they all correspond in size so all you will need is one squeegee to get your dirty window work done.

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