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There are a number of homeowners that have difficulty cleaning their house so they only settle in cleaning places that they seem appropriate and leave places that they cannot see such as the deepest corners of their houses, even the ceilings where dust accumulates and often the source of allergy. While there are people who really enjoy cleaning their houses each day and spend a lot of time just to make their house really new and inviting, others find it tiring. There are cleaning services available in the industry today that are capable of cleaning houses but it others find it very costly to hire such services.

Ten Tips to Hiring Cleaning Services

The first thing you need to do when hiring cleaning services is interviewing more than one cleaning service. You must be comfortable working with these people. If you choose a large company to do the cleaning for you, ask questions such as assigning the same person to your house or they make rotations. Know which type of system you do prefer.

Better make sure that the company or individual you picked are insured and licensed to operate as a cleaning service. It is particularly important if they have insurance because if they break something in your house, is it going to be replaced? Or something along those lines.

Define how many times you need their services. Do you want your house cleaned once a week, twice or once a month? You may also ask them if you can hire their services for one time only if you wish to observe how they clean your house.

When hiring a specific agency, make sure the prices of their cleaning services are stated in detail and that there are no hidden charges. If you prefer to hire individuals, make sure their social security and taxes are paid regularly.

You may need to consult or hire an accountant so that you are certain you are hiring this individual as a contractor but not an employee.

You may need to inform the individual or company you are hiring that you have a pet in your house. This will prepare them to send in people who are not allergic or fear their presence.

Check out the cleaning products that they use. There might be some cleaning products that may harm some of your furnishings or the materials used to cover your floor.Discuss the number of people the service is going to send to your house.

This may depend on the policy implemented in each company so do check this out as well.You should also discuss whether you want the cleaning service to be there when you are also home.

You can also give them the key to your house if you are not home around the time they arrive.Never clean your house if you hire their services.If you want the cleaning service to be faster in their cleaning spree, keep surfaces clear from clutter.


These are the 10 Cleaning Service Tips Homejoy you can refer to but you may have something else in mind that you can share with the agency or individual that you have hired.

10 Cleaning Service Tips Homejoy - Making Your Old Home Look New - Lukman - sab-203.png10 Cleaning Service Tips Homejoy - Making Your Old Home Look New - Lukman - sab-204.png
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