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Every once in a while the mood may strike where you want to redecorate the kitchen in your home. When contemplating this, one of the most important aspects is sure to be color choices. As tempting as certain color schemes are, it is important to remember that continued redecorating can take a toll on your home and your budget, so choosing colors that you can live with for a good while is essential. In the event that you may be planning to sell your home on down the road, timeless, classic colors are even more important.

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When it comes to deciding which colors fit the bill for overall aesthetic pleasure and those that will stand the test of trends, going natural is generally best. Even if you think your kitchen would look fantastic colored in cantaloupe, can you honestly say you will love such a look for years to come? Being greeted by such color schemes is sure to be fun for a while but over time may begin to wear you down, leaving you unimpressed and disenchanted with your surroundings.

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Colors that have been associated with timelessness are those of natural elements. Since nature is permanent, things that resemble nature have seemed the easiest to live with on a long term basis. This includes rock in particular, such as granite, stone, and marble. Rock in nature translates to longevity, so embracing it in your home creates a timeless vibe as well. When some people think of such natural elements, their minds go automatically to bland, neutral colors, but that does not have to be the case. Colors seen in natural rock are widely varied from reds and blues to purples and greens. The key to having louder colors is to do so in smaller, easily replaceable amounts should you tire of the design scheme or have a seller on the hook who likes your home but wants to make color changes; if those changes are small, it is much less daunting than if they required a complete overhaul.

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Another way to embrace loud color is by using something calm in contrast. For example, if you have a kitchen floor made of slate with hues of purple, compliment it with white cabinets. More interesting and less dated than wood, white cabinets are classic, clean, and crisp. However, if you have a particular color on which your heart is set, painting cabinets for a potential sale down the road is always an option.

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Something else to remember when choosing colors is the surface upon which you place them. Laminate, for example, is a long lasting material (5-20 years) so using brightly colored laminate truly is a long term commitment. Also a commitment are bright colored appliances as many can last for several years, gifting you with their vibrant hues for a while. Countertops are also known to last a while, so choosing a tame granite might be a worthwhile consideration. To placate your need for color, a backsplash might be a good selection. Many backsplashes are small enough not to detract from the kitchen but still large enough to give it a pop of color if desired.

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Ultimately the colors you choose to utilize in your home are completely up to you and at your discretion. If you want to have the loudest kitchen possible, then have fun with it by all means. If a resale is on the horizon be it a year or several years down the road, you may wish to keep that in the back of your head, however. When all is said and done, try to use your kitchen to compliment the dcor throughout the rest of your home, giving it a similar feel. While you want your kitchen to have a uniqueness all its own, having a kitchen that looks like it came from another house entirely is perhaps taking it a little too far.

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