Common Sense Tips To Boost Your Home Security

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There are many ways in which you can protect your home. While some choose to do it through installing expensive alarm systems, there are other more cost-effective ways to do so as well. There are these little modifications that you can do to enhance the security of your home. Most of them just need a bit of effort and time on your part. Here are some tips.

Get a new lock

Believe it or not, one of the most common ways in which homes are broken into involves a lock and keys. If you are buying a new house, one just tends to accept the keys when the sale is closed. Think about how many other people have copies of that key. The first thing to do is change the locks and/or change the passcode to control access to your home. If you lose you keys, don't get new keys, change the locks.

Trim the shrubbery

House breakers need places to hide in. Some of the common hiding places include the shrubbery in the garden. You might have some beautiful bushes along side your house but these also provide cover for any thief looking to break in. The best thing to do is have an open space which will go up all the way to the building, and near the windows.

Avoid views from outside

To understand this, stand outside your house and take a look inside your house. See whether you can see the room and the valuables in it, if any. If you can see your television, your computer, etc from outside, so can the burglars. Either remove them from the lone of sight, or make sure that the windows are covered well all the time.

The wires should be hidden

First of all, thieves always look out for copper wiring to burgle. This can be sold for a tidy sum of money and is a common component of wiring. Also, thieves often search for external wiring to disable security systems, phones, power etc before getting into a house. Ensure that whatever external wiring there is, it is well hidden from sight or is extremely difficult to access.

Be a good neighbour

One of the best security systems is to have helpful people nearby notifying you in case of an emergency. Make friends with your gossipy neighbours because they always know what is going on in the area. They will tell you if they find off characters lurking around the house when you are not there.

Get lights

In case you happen to live on a unlighted street, or the entrance to your house is dark, get motion-sensor lights that get activated automatically once they sense movement in that area. The lights have to be bright enough so that any potential intruder would be deterred from entering the premises. In case you are leaving your house for a long time, get timers attached to your lights inside the house. This way the house will look occupied and you can use the timers to ensure that the lights turn off naturally.

Use the walls

Walls are perfect spots to hide valuables undetected. You can install fake plates and hide jewellery or other valuables as well.

Lock your entry points

While this sounds like a stupidly obvious point, most of the time thieves enter houses through an unlocked door or window. Even while you are at home, keep your doors and windows locked so that someone cant just walk in without your prior knowledge.

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