Curb Appeal Starts at the Curb: 5 Ways to Improve Yours

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We talk all the time about increasing the curb appeal of your home. There are many ways in which you can do this, but the general concept includes making improvements and upgrades to your home exterior to make the appearance better. A house with curb appeal is more attractive to the eye and thus more appealing.

Something we should think about when considering curb appeal is at the root of the term itself, that being the curb. While tasks such as painting, pressure washing, and installing new shutters are known to increase curb appeal, what about the curb itself? If the curb at the edge of your yard is a crumbling, weed-ridden mess, it is less likely that the curb appeal of your home is at the level you may hope it is.

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Even though the yard itself may seem to make up for the condition of curbs, there is no real substitute for a curb in good repair. In order to bring yours up to snuff to give your home the big picture look it deserves, here are some tips for enhancements beginning at the curb:

1. Keep leaves from accumulating at the base of your curb in the gutter area and remove those that are already there. Rake them up and move them on to an out of sight location, such as a compost pile. Remove any trash present at the same time.

2. Remove any mud that has accumulated along curbside gutters. Shovel it up and cart it off to another location where it won't be such an eye sore.

3. Pull weeds from curbs, both in the gutter area and those that grow in cracks that form in curbs themselves. Treat those areas to prevent their return.

4. Use an edger to place a clean line at the line where your grass meets the curb. A crisp, solid line goes a long way towards the appearance of not only the curb area but also the lawn overall.

5. Keep your curb clean. As dirt and road grime accumulate and discolor curbs, it may become necessary to hose curbs off or pressure wash them to restore them to cleanliness.

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As you take steps to enhance your curb, don't forget to include your driveway in the process since these two areas are intertwined. The cleaner you keep the most visible areas of your property, the more curb appeal you will create. So next time you are outside doing yard work or making efforts to improve the visual aspects of your home, don't forget about the curb!

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