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The latest trend to maintain ecology has become a duty of every human being in recent decades. Preserving our natural resources is our top most priority. Furniture making has a predominant role in destroying our natural resources. In an effort to minimize the effect, usage of local made furniture is much recommended.

When people take a list of things regarding their fixtures from bathroom to drawing room, they can find plenty of ways and means to reduce the usage of forest based materials and maximize eco-friendly items in the new establishments in both residential and commercial.

Availability of eco friendly furniture and materials is easy nowadays as interior decorators and manufacturers have started popularizing this trend. There is a misconception that these fittings are expensive and only for rich people. However, truth is not like that. People with creativity and indigenous designs with local materials are encouraged to come up with local made fixtures and other products by interior designers and other associations, organizations to encourage eco-friendly way of living.

Wooden furniture provides classic look and style for any living place. However, it is time to stop manufacturing wooden products. People who already possess these things must preserve them; recycle them and use those materials for the coming generation as a piece of most valuable and priceless antique.

Instead, materials like bamboo, cork, glass, metal, eucalyptus and, recycled materials can be used for interior making.

Tips for designing an environment friendly house with local made furniture:

Selection of wooden products must be made from sustainable resources that are locally available in the region. To satisfy these criteria, usage of recycled wood or recovered wood is ideal.

Bamboo fittings make an excellent choice. Since this is not a tree and actually comes under grass; fast growth without the need for pesticides is its specialty. In addition, it can withstand long years of wear and tear.

Do not go for wooden chairs, tables and other such items made of new wood since this leads to deforestation.

Using recycled things as much as possible is highly recommended. Recycled products are otherwise known as 'antique' ones. Used furniture that is in good condition without molds and bugs can be ideal choice than new wooden products showing our concern towards ecology.

Select the furnishings for the fixtures made from sustainable materials that can provide very low impact on eh environment.

For the outdoor things wrought iron, recovered metal and recycled plastic will be durable and eco-friendly.

Do not use foam-based sofas, chairs, beds and other fixtures. Instead, cotton padded, latex are a welcome feature.

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