Enhance The Beauty And Decor Of Any Room With Cost Effective Lighting

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Improving your home decor room by room does not have to be a break the bank, second mortgage situation. It is only natural at this time of the year to want to spruce up the look and feel of your home.

It is also natural to want to go overboard and really get into the expensive spirit of redecorating, however; there are things that we can do that make just as much of an impact as a total makeover yet are far easier on the budget. One of those things is in the way we use lighting.

Changing or enhancing the lighting in the room can wake it up and give it an entirely new perspective. Studies performed by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, (The IESNA) and reported upon by Informed Design's website for design and human behavior research show that the use of lighting in a room affects the way that visitors perceive that room in regards to space, mood, and even beauty.

The Illusion of Space


Changing the lighting in a room can cause a person to see the room as much larger than it actually is, (Or smaller) have an effect upon the mood of anyone who occupies the room, and enhance the way they see the furnishing of the room. Imagine using the lighting in your living room that allows your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, feel as if they are in a much larger room, and helps them to notice beautiful or unusual pieces in the room. We have just summed up the entire reason behind home decor.

Here are three popular lighting techniques to enhance your decor

Lighting Fixtures that make a Difference
Recessed Lighting Sets the Mood
Creating Space with Lighting

Take Advantage of Creative Light Fixtures


One of the things that a true decorator knows and the rest of the world needs to learn is that lampshades and lighting fixtures do not have to be boring. Most of us can count on one hand the number of people we know who have beautiful or unusual lighting fixtures.

However, if you really want a room to be remembered, do something unique with the lighting fixtures. From unique hanging lighting to table lamps, creativity is remembered. It is the one area that most people fail to take advantage of in home decor.

Look for colors that enhance the rest of the decor, patterns that are bold, and locations that get them noticed. Hanging fixtures that spotlight a focal point in the room should also stand out as part of that focus. Once you make your lighting fixtures as part of the decor rather than a tool with which to light the decor, your room will come to life.

Set the Mood with Recessed Lighting


Recessed lighting is the perfect way to set the mood in any room. It is the most versatile lighting option you can choose. Canned light, recessed and highlighting a particular point of interest or piece of art creates a dramatic feel. Hidden lighting that brightly lights an entire room energizes the people in it and makes the room seem larger than it is. Recessed lighting that is offset and quiet creates a feeling of relaxed comfort. Whatever kind of mood you are looking for, Stafford Home Reports that recessed lighting can provide it.

Match Lighting Choices with Colors and Shadows

A well-lit room with light or white colored furniture, especially tables and counters with white space makes a room appear to be larger than it actually is. The reverse is also true. If you want a room to appear smaller and cozier, dark furniture and dimmer light set at an angle to create shadows makes a room appear smaller than it actually is according to Woman's Day Magazine.

Sustainable Art and Lighting

Lighting is a great way to enhance your home's decor both inside and out of doors. If you are an artist, it is also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your creativity and add your personal artistic touches to lighting fixtures while decreasing your home's eco-footprint. Sustainable art is the opportunity to take items that would otherwise be thrown away and turn them into delightfully original fixtures for your lamps and hanging light fixtures.

These colanders serve to make the unique lighting in this home something that guest will talk about for years to come. Be inspired in your home decor projects. You can find a ton of creative decor ideas on the internet

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