Eradicating Drain Odors Quickly and Easily

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Every now and then you may notice a rather unpleasant odor emitting from your drains. The first thing that may come to mind is sewer gas, but this is less likely to be the culprit due to the nature of the way plumbing works. What is more likely to be the source of the odor is debris trapped in the drain. Whether or not your drain exhibits the symptoms of an actual clog, it is very likely that something is accumulating in your drain, such as hair and soap scum.

The way your drain is shaped creates a natural barrier between your drain opening and a potential source of sewer gas. This is basically due to a curve in the pipe known as the pea trap. A dip in the pipe, the pea trap, is lower than both the drain and the rest of the plumping that exits your home. Because of this a small amount of water tends to settle in that pea trap. Also known to settle there are the items of debris mentioned above, and in that area bacteria are able to breed and emit foul odors.

The trick to getting rid of drain odor is period cleaning of your pea trap and drains. Nothing has to be taken apart to do this, unless you note the formation of cracks in your pipes, which is another problem entirely. Instead, what you need is a Zip Tool for cleaning the debris from your drain. Simply shove the Zip Tool down your drain to penetrate any potential clogs. This device has gripping teeth on it that will latch onto any hair or debris that is lingering in your drain, so when you pull the device out of your drain, the hair comes with it.

With your drain clear of debris, all it needs now is a thorough disinfecting. This can be done with either vinegar or bleach, depending on your preference. Simply dilute the solution of your choice to about 50/50 and pour a cup or so down the drain, being sure to pay attention to carefully cleaning the overflow as well, since bacteria can inhibit that, too. The disinfecting solution will kill bacteria and eradicate the odor problems caused by the bacteria. However, as you use your sink and take baths and showers, debris will again accumulate and the smell can return over time. You can choose to fix it as it occurs or prevent it all together by adopting a routine cleaning program for all sinks and drains in your home. Cleaning in advance of problems will keep your drains, as well as the rest of your home, smelling fresh and pleasant, so adopting a monthly drain regime is a good idea to stop problem smells and clogs before they start.

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