Everything you Need to Know about Room Temperature Display

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There are various kinds of thermometers available in the market. Whether you want to monitor the temperature in your room or see to it that your catering establishment doesn't defy health and safety regulations, choosing the thermometer type is of great significance. People these days tend to use thermometers without even checking for appropriateness of the purpose or traceable precision.

While selecting a thermometer, it's crucial to comprehend its linked application, resolution, temperature measurement range, precision and the maintenance needed to obtain repeatable measurements. There are certain applications which need a more precise reading compared to others. In addition, you need to look at the environment where it'll be used.

Let's look at the different kinds of thermometers for measuring room temperature.

Traditional Thermometer

Traditional thermometers are the most popular and cheapest kind of thermometers. These are perfect for being used at home or in environments that are considered "non-specialist" those which do not require traceable accuracy.
  • Spirit level indicator
  • Measures in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • Easy to read
  • Can be mounted on the wall or submerged in liquids
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Variable range of measurement, accuracy and resolution

Multiple Sensor/Dual Sensor thermometers
This kind of thermometer is perfect for comparing indoor and outdoor temperatures, monitoring storage areas besides classroom maintenance. In short, these thermometers permit the concurrent observing temperatures of two environments or even more. This monitoring can be carried out for both short as well as long durations.
  • Normally comprises of basic display unit and temperature sensors in the outermost region
  • The basic unit displays the reading on each outward sensor
  • It can be mounted both on the wall or desk
  • Traceable accuracy recommended
  • Variable range of measurement, precision and resolution
  • Simple to use thermometer which changes color

Electronic or digital thermometers
Electric or digital thermometers work based on an electronic element called a thermistor which reacts to various temperatures. The resistance of the thermistor changes due to changes in temperature. When current passes through this electronic component, a drop in voltage occurs which is measurable. A tiny microcomputer then finds out the temperature depending on the voltage.

Another interesting kind of temperature display which can be used in your kitchen includes Probe thermometer. This can be used to measure the temperature of the food being cooked. Fry or candy thermometers are used for measuring the temperature of a boiling liquid like sugar or oil.

There are many other kinds of thermometers, such as infrared thermometers which measure the surface temperature. However, these are not commonly used in houses.

Some important points to keep in mind
The ideal temperature of the bedroom should be 16-20 degree centigrade. While moving your thermometer into another room, keep it away from a radiator or sunlight. While reading your thermometer, wait for the moving line to get static and read from the position of the line on your thermometer scale.

Irrespective of the kind of thermometer you opt to use, it's extremely important to follow the enclosed instructions which you'll find inside the packet.

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