Facts and Pricing of Tile Installation

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Apart from your furniture, flooring will be one of the most crucial decisions when you are building or remodeling your home or office. The kind of product that you choose for installation will affect your entire interiors, from kitchen to bath to laundry to bedrooms or cabins and the office. And when you are considering factors such as style, functionality, aesthetic appeal, durability and cost, then tiles are your option. Tiles installations in the Los Angeles area or any other region for that matter are quite popular for one simple reason- they come in various designs and are quite durable as well. At the same time, their glazed versions are stain resistant and suitable for radiant heat. If you are thinking about tile installation, here are some facts you need to know-

Tiles are stain proof
If you opt for glazed tiles for your home or office interiors, then you are protecting your floors from stains. Stain free tiles ensure that your home looks cleaner and chic, while its aesthetic appeal is accentuated by a notch. Plus, pets and foot traffic hardly leave any mark on tiles.

Increases value of your home
Tile flooring can instantly increase overall value of your home, especially if it is installed by a professional company. Since they come in a variety of styles, it can be customized to amalgamate with a variety of interiors. Quality tiles which are installed using proper grout easily last a lifetime. Plus, most of them are indestructible in normal homes.

Easy Maintenance
When you choose a proper color of the tile and opt for appropriate grout (binding material) quality and width, you don't have to worry about maintenance, it's easy.

Endless choices
A variety of sizes, styles, textures and types are available to choose from. Some of the popular ones include-
  • Travertine Tile- Perfect for antique patterns and neutral colors
  • Marble Tile- Classy, sophisticated, available in superior textures and widest variety of colors and shapes
  • Granite Tile- Sleek, shiny and easy to maintain, available in honed and polished varieties
  • Slate Tiles- Natural appeal, best for outdoors
  • Sandstone Tile- Sophisticated, have unique striated weathering patterns and earthy colors.
  • Limestone Tile- Decorative statement for a variety of settings, limestone tiles can add ruggedness, durability and refined beauty to your interiors.
Average pricing of tile installation in Los Angeles
  • Travertine Tiles are available for a price as low as $2.00 per square feet. A durable quality can cost you $4.00 per square feet on an average.
  • Versa Tile can cost about $6.50 per square feet
  • For ceramic tiles that are sized at 12, 16 or 18 inches, average installation price starts from $3 per square feet while marble tiles can go up to $12 or more per square feet
  • Limestone tiles start from an average of $2 per square feet and can increase up to $10 depending upon texture, style and durability.
Given above is a rough estimate, make sure that you contact the potential installation companies to know more about the pricing details.

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