Fire Doors Can Help Fight Fires

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No one should underestimate fire. It can devastate a building in minutes and together with the smoke it creates cause fatalities. There are many precautions that the Fire Brigade will suggest to anyone that wants to ask. The Brigade will certainly mention the protection that fire retarding doors will give, for at least the time it takes for everyone to vacate the building.

There are many other things that a fire audit will suggest; some are aimed at prevention but if they have failed and a fire has started they can do no more. A door acting as a barrier can.

Fire needs no encouragement to spread beyond the room where it started to other rooms in the building. One of the obvious ways to contain it is to provide a barrier to its progress. It is something that everyone should consider. It may be that your house has an access into your garage which is attached to the main building. The door that links the house to the garage should be a barrier as well as a convenient means of entry and exit. This is the most obvious instance when a fire door can be used in a home but there are others. There is no need to compromise on style just because of the specification to combat fire.

Recognised Standards
If you go to a well established company such as safedoors you will be able to get fire doors that are made to a nationally recognised standard. They are likely to have full details of the specification to which they have been made. Ideally, you want a door that will stop any fire from spreading for 30 minutes.

That is the role of fire doors, but they must be used properly. There is no point in having a fire door that is locked or one which is jammed open artificially. You can get one that is kept open for convenience, but in the event of fire, it will close automatically. One way is to have a magnetic link that breaks at the first sign of an outbreak of fire activating the fire door.

Multi occupancy
If you live in an apartment complex you should enquire about fire precautions. A landlord has legal responsibilities, especially in multi occupancy buildings. Fire can shoot down corridors and up and down stairs very quickly. A good fire door will contain the problem while occupants get out of danger. It is likely that an insurance company will only provide cover for such a building if the applicant can demonstrate the provision he or she has made for combating fire.

Insurance should not be the primary reason for action; it is simple common sense to make any building, whether your home, apartment block or business premises, as safe as possible.

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