Furniture Removal: Tips and Guidelines

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Having furniture removed from one's house or business estate can prove to be a daunting procedure. It's not easy to move heavy furniture items like beds, dining tables, cabinets and sofa chairs, to name a few. The entire process can be extremely tedious along with being quite hazardous it's not uncommon for people removing furniture on their own to injure their back or acquire a muscle pain.

Hence, to avoid injuries and pains, one needs to take some precautions while participating in a furniture removal process. The following tips and guidelines can help ensure a safe removing process.

1. Create an inventory: Prepare a checklist of all the furniture items one wants to get removed from the house. Proper planning will help decide on a few basic things such as the weight of every furniture item, using proper protection gear during the removal process, deciding which furniture to move out first, and so on.

2. Take care of the kids/pets: In case there are young children around, either arrange for a baby sitter or a play date at the neighbor's next door to avoid them getting hurt. Similar precaution must be taken with pets. They should be preferably kept confined to a room not only to avoid getting hurt but also being a trip hazard for the movers.

3. Measure the doorways and driveways: Decide on the best possible path to take while getting the items out of the house/estate. Measuring the doorways and driveways can help one prevent scraping and damaging the doors, doorframes and walls around. Open the doors beforehand so that it becomes easier to clear the items from the inside.

4. Clear the path: Ensure that all possible trip hazards such as doormats, shoes, rugs, etc. have been removed before starting the furniture removal process. Move them away to a side or better still, store them in a box.

5. Use protective gear: Make sure that proper protection gear like belts and trolleys are being used to unload heavy furniture items from the premises. Also, wearing protection gloves, proper steel-capped boots, and knee caps can prove extremely useful in preventing injury.

6. Switch off all premise utilities: This is an important tip for those who are moving out and relocating to another place altogether. In such a scenario, contact the utility service providers such as electrician, cable operator, etc. and ask them to end their services on the moving day. This will help prevent one from being unnecessarily charged after moving out.

7. Hire professionals: Get in touch with some certified furniture removal companies and ask for estimates. The expenses will most likely be calculated on the basis of the volume and number of the items to be removed, people efforts to be required to access and remove the items, and the time of the year. Remember to hire a service that offers a sound estimate. Companies offering quotes that are too high or too low may not be the best arrangement. Place utmost importance on the quality of the removal service.

By following just a few simple rules, one can take the stress out from the entire removal process and enjoy a successful clearing or moving experience.

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