General Guidelines on Designing an Energy Efficient Home

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Before approaching further towards figuring out the general guidelines of designing an energy efficient home, one need to understand what actually energy efficiency is. The energy efficiency is the means of using less energy while providing the same outcome as before. The simple example of energy efficiency is the usage energy efficient appliances. These energy efficient appliances provide the same outcome when compared with the outcome of normal appliances or even much better results. Thus, energy efficiency is getting more benefits of energy by consuming its less usage.


There is wide range of home heating systems available in the market among which some are energy efficient appliances while some are not. Various home appliances shops available in the market like B&Q shop provides energy efficient appliances that ultimately helps in saving lots of bucks. This also contributes in the improvement of the economy along with the welfare of the environment while improving the quality of the life itself.

No matter what heating system one has, there is an easier approach to keep your heating costs down known as H.E.A.T approach. Let us now have a look on H.E.A.T approach and its major guidelines to design your energy efficient home:

H: Holding the heat

Holding the heat in the home is the first step towards designing an energy efficient home. One could observe that the heat is being easily lost through the windows and so it is advised to close the blinds as well as curtains in order to maintain the warmth in the house. The draughts found under the doors as well as windowsills helps in keeping the home insulated during cold weather. Insulating the home, that is keeping home cool during summer and warm during winter, would be much more efficient way to get maximum benefits from less energy.

E: Evaluating the heating options

Ensure that you choose the heater that is right for you as well as for our home. If one were having young children as well as pets then the storage heater would be unsuitable to store as it could cause serious burns. These heating panels are perfect for serious asthma sufferers while the electric radiators are useful for those who stay away from house all day long.

A: Action to become energy efficient

Central heating is being much widely used for heating the rooms, which is simply waste of energy as well as highly expensive option as it heats the entire house. It is advisable just to heat the room that you are using keeping the doors and windows closed in order to keep warmth inside while saving your extra bucks.

T: Thermostats, timers and temperature checks

Saving money and energy while keeping the heating system on timer, which could control the heat of the home, is the most effective option. If one is heating their home while working or at night while sleeping would result in occurring massive heating bill. Thus, one needs to save energy using timers in the appliances.

Thus, this is how one could design an energy efficient home by paying attention to some of these points. This could help in saving lot of energy as well as your money too.

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