How to Design Trendy and Stylish Kitchen?

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One of the most important things to do while constructing a house is to design the kitchen that could do well in your home. Generally, majority of time of house owners are being spent in the kitchen, so it is necessary to build that area in such a way that they like that area. Most of the families spend lot of time in kitchen area, even if they are not cooking and so one need to pay proper attention while designing a one for them. Make sure that your kitchen is built so perfectly that it makes you proud in front of others.


Therefore, in order to build a perfect kitchen, Kitchen Design Melbourne has shared some of the valuable tips that one can integrate in their kitchen to make it more spacious and more comfortable:

Tip #1:

Pay attention to the space that one have in the kitchen and ensure that you do not overfill certain frequent usable areas. The areas near the sink, oven as well as refrigerator are most frequently being used and so they have an unrestricted access to those areas, which could be much in use. If possible, plan according to your need and not more than that. If the kitchen area is long, then one will not be able to have Kitchen Island even if they want to have one of them.

Tip #2:

Just make sure that the kitchen fits with the rest of your house. If the house is having a modern look along with a touch of contemporary design, one could choose a kitchen design that complements with the house. In his case, it is not advised to choose an old traditional kitchen country design as it will look out of place. Make it look comfortable and homely, so that people could feel safe there.

Tip #3:

Choose a kitchen top that could last a long time. Majority of the people opt for granite kitchen tops as they are everlasting as well as easy to clean and at the same time, they are sanitary. In addition, no two slabs of granite are identical and so the slab that one will choose will be their personal one. It is true that granite may be little bit expensive as compared to others but it would surely be saving the money in the end and it will not be required to buy another kitchen top again.

Tip #4:

Pay attention while choosing the lighting of the kitchen as it will play most important role in making the kitchen look bigger and better than it is. Ensure that you have lighting facility underneath the cupboards so that it does not cause shadow. People who are having Kitchen Island need to have extra lights that hang down from the ceiling and have spotlights for the rest of the kitchen.


Tip #5:

One needs to make appropriate use of space for the storage. Make a plan and think about the type of cupboard one wants. If the kitchen were wide, one would have the option of having deeper cupboards. If the space of the kitchen is very thin and at the same time, it is long, then one must opt for longer cupboards.

Thus, if one wants to have trendy and stylish kitchen, they can follow above given valuable tips that could surely help in giving your kitchen a modern look.

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Chris is a famous blogger and an experienced marketing consultant who has a strong background in market research and sales of Kitchen Design Melbourne. He is having a good knowledge of kitchen designs and appliances. In the above post, He is sharing about how to give kitchen a trendy look.

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April 25, 2014  •  12:06 PM
I strongly agree with Tip #2.
When approaching a house the exterior sets your mind up for what to expect inside. As I work with old homes, seeing a historic home on the exterior results in an uncomfortable feeling when you see a modern living room or visa-versa. The same happens when you have a Victorian living room for example and enter a state of the art kitchen. Many people don't care but if you continue the flow of a house - modern or historic, your inner senses will have a more positive experience. Having it all is nice but really doesn't work.
May 21, 2014  •  02:59 AM
@oldhouseguyllc Thanks dear

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