How to bring Country Charm to your City Home

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If you have always dreamed of living in a country cottage but love urban living here are some charming design details from a London Interior Designer, Caroline Harrowby, that you can use to add to your for some country charm. The important thing to remember is a touch of country goes a long way when living in an urban home.



Kitchens are always a perfect room to introduce a rustic feeling. Look at details such as roughhewn wide plank floors; islands featuring reclaimed wood and butcher block worktops. You can also add cast iron doorknobs or even porcelain pulls. Wooden cupboards are a must for the country kitchen and you can look for antique finds such as wooden buffet side tables and bread cupboards for additional storage in softer woods with plenty of knots and natural finishes. If your home can stand it you can add some plaster finish to the walls or even timber beams, but this might look a little out of place if your home has modern architecture.

Less Dark Wood

When looking for furniture opt for reclaimed wood, oak or knotty pine. These tend to have more of a country feel. As well, you can add painted furniture in milk paint blue, white or yellow with a distressed look. When using these finishes you can create a jumping off point for walls and fabrics.


Redo your fireplace fronts using antique worn tile or add a basic piece of timber for a mantle. Add cast iron tools and grates for a more rustic look as well. Use farm discoveries on the mantle such as copper vases and hurricane lamps and place a large copper Guernsey can on the floor. Use an old wooden carton or birch basket to store twigs and firewood.


French toile is a classic way to add country charm. You can add a more modern feel using black and white or a softer feel in yellows or pale blues. Plaids and checks are also traditionally more country but might seem a little clich. Delft and rose patterns can be used on cushions or curtains. You can also seek out clever fabric designs that mimic old flour bags, burlap or even bare branched trees or birds. These add whimsy and charm.


Seek out artwork that has country landscapes in white or wood frames. Botanicals and other nature paintings look nice as well. You may also find charming portraits of farm girls or paintings of people at work in the fields. You can add a more modern touch with black and white photos of country images for an edgier, modern country feel.

Flooring and Walls

Add some country flooring with wide planked timber or white painted wood. You can also look for natural materials in carpets such as wool, sisal or grass for area rugs or running up the stairs. Beadboard and plaster can add texture and a cozy feeling to walls.

Any or all of these touches will bring country charm to your urban or suburban homes.

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