Installing a Peep Hole

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In a time when we are unfortunately plagued by dangers that lurk in our own neighborhoods, being safe and secure in our homes is of the utmost importance. It used to be that you could answer a knock at your door without worry as to who was waiting on the other side. As time has passed, people have not only become more desperate but also more brazen. It has become more and more common for unsavory types to case homes and neighborhoods in hopes of finding an opportunity to break into homes while the owners are at work or elsewhere away from home. Because of this, it is important to take steps to safeguard yourself and your family.

There is no way to know for certain that someone who knocks on your door might be there with ill intent, but there are some clues. For example, if a repairman you did not request shows up and demands to be let into your home, red flags should be raised. You may also be able to tell a person that is out of place at your home by a glance; you know your family, friends, and neighbors who might stop by and if this person is not one of them, it might not be wise to open the door.

To know who waits on the other side of the knock, however, you have to be able to see them. Since you might not want potential visitors, invited or otherwise, to know if you are or are not home, it is convenient to be able to glance outside to see who has come calling. Curtain or blind movement will give away your presence at home and you may not wish for that to happen, so another means of seeing outside needs to be available to you. Closed circuit television cameras are nice, but expensive. There is a much cheaper device that can serve as a window to the outside world without allowing anyone to see back into your world. That device is a peep hole.

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The installation of a peep hole is a quick and fairly easy job. All you need is the peep hole itself, a drill, and a drill bit that corresponds to the size of your peep hole. Starting from the inside, measure a height where you want your peep hole to be. It should be at a level convenient to those who will be using it most. Once that level is determined, mark a spot on your door, both inside and out, for the peep hole to go and begin to drill from the inside out. Stop before your drill breaks through on the outside of your door as you want to finish the drilling going from the outside in so as to avoid any visible signs of splintering. Step outside and finish your drilling from the outside inward.

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With the hole for your peep hole drilled, all that is left to do is secure it in place. Follow the instructions that came with your peep hole but most come in two pieces that are inserted from the back and front to connect in the middle. With your peep hole in place, you will now have a secure window to peer out at the world around you in order to make sure it is safe before you step outside, or before opening your door and allowing the outside to come in and join you.

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