Is Asbestos in Your Home?

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In the construction of some homes built prior to 1980, a mineral fiber called Asbestos may have been used. If you've heard of Asbestos, you know it is bad news. For many years there has been a push to stop using it as well as to remove it from homes, schools, and other buildings in which it was used. Over time, the use of Asbestos has changed to a point where it is not as common as it once was, but by no means has it been banned entirely. There are still many ways in which it can be and is still used today.

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If you have Asbestos in your home, however, it needs to go. It can cause many terrible health ailments which may take years to become symptomatic and can be difficult to treat, possibly causing death. Inhalation of Asbestos has been linked to Lung Cancer as well as Mesothelioma, which is a rare cancer found in the lining of lungs, heart, chest, and abdomen. Also on the list of ailments is Asbestosis, which is a progressive disease of the lungs that is non-cancerous. Winding up with any of these conditions is severely debilitating and thus, any Asbestos in your life needs to be kicked out, stat.

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The way Asbestos can infiltrate your body and make you ill is through inhalation of fibers from materials that contain Asbestos. This generally happens during installation or demolition of such materials. Asbestos is found in a lot of places, however, due to its ability to withstand high levels of heat, some of which are present in homes. It is also present in automotive parts such as brakes, clutches, and transmissions. It even makes it into our drinking water through Asbestos cement pipes used to transport drinking water throughout communities.

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As toxic as this substance is, it is hard to believe it is so prevalent in our society. It is, however, naturally occurring in rocks and soil due to geological processes. What it is not is naturally occurring in your home. Recognizing Abestos in your home begins with knowing where to look. Common places for Asbestos in the home are:

Vinyl Floor Tiles
Flooring Adhesives
Ceiling Tiles
Roofing Tiles
Hot Water Pipes
Furnace Gaskets
Patching Compounds (for walls/ceilings such as Drywall Mud)
Attic/Wall Insulation

If you suspect your home has Asbestos, consult a professional to have samples taken and examined. In many cases, when Asbestos is found, there is no turning back and it must be removed immediately and cannot be put off. This is generally done by properly outfitted professionals who utilize protective clothing and respirators, which is a very good indicator of the seriousness of a home with Asbestos. With that in mind, if you have suspicions regarding your home built before 1980, get it checked out so you can achieve both peace of mind and Asbestos free living.

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