Let There Be Motion Lights!

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Walking up to a dark house at night can at times be a treacherous act. Between inclement weather, toys strewn about the yard, or even threats of unseen danger, you put yourself at risk by feeling your way through the shadows. Porch lights are great to have, but only if they are turned on as well as properly placed to illuminate your path. Since we sometimes come home later than intended and forget to leave lights on for ourselves, why not install a few motion lights that will come on upon your arrival? This will eliminate the need to worry about leaving lights on before leaving home, and save money in the long run since those lights will not need to run all day, instead turning on as needed. Some are even battery operated or solar powered and will not affect your light bill at all!

Motion lights have come a long way since the days of the bulky, industrial types. Those do still exist, as do many that have been streamlined and redesigned to be much better looking. They are available to look like a standard porch light as well as coming in LED varieties. If you are concerned about appearance, shop around and you are sure to find a motion light that compliments the style of your home.

To install motion lights, first select optimum locations for placement. Consider areas you wish to illuminate, such as walkways, stairs, and areas near doors. Installing the light 7-10 feet off the ground is best to spread the access field so the light will not require something to be directly under the sensor before it comes on. Keep in mind that vehicles and passersby on sidewalks can trigger your light you place it accordingly and adjust the distance range as necessary. Always turn off power before attempting to do any wiring and follow the instructions that come with the light you purchase as variations between manufacturers may require different procedures. Since your light will be outside and exposed to the elements, be sure to create a waterproof housing by sealing it thoroughly. You do not want precipitation to make its way inside of your light or detector, ruining your brand new purchase.

If wiring is a concern, you can skip going the traditional route and purchase LED lights. They do not require wiring and run on batter power, so they will work even in the event of a power outage. It is also possible to purchase these with a daylight sensor to avoid unnecessary tripping and running down your batteries. Other types of lights besides LEDs are also available in battery or even solar powered varieties.

Whether you choose to purchase a decorative light, standard motion light, or one with LEDs, do consider the many good reasons for adding light to your home exterior. Not only could it prevent trip injuries over objects not seen in the dark, light can serve as a deterrent from robberies. If someone is looking to break into a house, odds are they will choose a dark one over one that lights up when they approach, so for the safety of yourself and your family, let there be light!

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