Lower Heating and Cooling Costs with a Door Sweep

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Having a draft in your home can seriously eat away at money spent on heating and cooling your home. Regardless of the season, you go to great pains to make your home comfortable and part of that is having the temperature perfectly maintained. When you finally achieve that delicate balance, the last thing you want to allow is for your efforts, and thus your money, to escape out from under the doors in your home.

From time to time it is possible to have issues with a door that does not properly meet the threshold, resulting in a gap. That gap is a source of air movement, be it in or out of your home. Sealing off drafts and ensuring gaps between doors and thresholds are addressed is the best way to keep the temperature in your home where you want it to be, and to keep your heating and cooling costs as low as possible.

Back in the good old days, we used to roll up a towel nice and tight then place it firmly against the base of the door. While this seemed to make a definite improvement in keeping the cold air outside where it belonged, it was inconvenient to say the least. This towel would have to be readjusted and repositioned every time the door was opened, which can be a frequent occurrence in homes with children or people who come and go frequently. Over time, the towel would become damp with condensation from outdoors, which was also a problem as that would mean replacing it with another towel and having more laundry to do. In a pinch, a towel will work, but it is by no means a long term solution.

What does give you longevity and ease of repeated use is a door sweep. This handy device works by sealing the gap between the door and the floor, preventing the passage of air into or out of your home beneath it. They are available in different types and can be installed in different ways. Some attach to the bottom of the door while others are mounted to the door itself from the inside.

Since door sweeps are often prefabricated, they simply need to be measured and cut to fit your specific door. The most popular and easy to install are vinyl versions that come in the shape of a U. Once cut down to size, slide it over your open door from one end to the next. Then close the door and insert a putty knife between the door itself and the door sweep, pushing down to position the door sweep so that it meets flush with the threshold and creates a seal. Also possible is using a door sweep that screws onto the door itself. These are also fairly easy to install but do take more work than the U-shaped versions and require more tools.

No matter the type of door sweep you use, you will experience more effectiveness out of your heating and cooling system upon proper installation. The small amount of expense and effort are very worthwhile when it comes to the return on investment such a small house repair can make. Stay warm, or cool as the case may be, with the addition of a door sweep.

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