Mixing & Straining Paint Prior to Use

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Before you begin paint projects in your home, it is important to thoroughly combine the paint products you are using. If you are painting from only a single gallon, this is not such a big deal, but if you are using paint from more than one container, mixing (also known as boxing paint) is a must. Even if you have two containers of the same color from the same manufacturer, color variations between containers are possible. These variations will be very slight, but mixing the paint together will ensure uniformity. If you are using paint from different manufacturers, mixing is even more important due to formula and color differences, even if the color appears the same.

The first step you should take when preparing to paint (regardless of the number of containers you are using) is to acquire a five gallon bucket into which you can strain and mix your paint. Atop this bucket you should place and secure a window screen or a paint strainer to act as a seperator between paint and anything else that has found its way into paint cans. By pouring paint through this screen, and debris or dried paint flakes will be caught and kept from becoming an eyesore on your walls. This is especially important with older paint that has been stored as paint skin formation and chips are more prevalent in paint that has been opened. It may take a few minutes for paint to fully pass through the screen, but once it has been strained, remove the screen from the bucket and clean for future use or discard.

The next step is to take a paint mixer or wooden paint stirrer and mix the paint to fully combine colors. Once this is done, you can transfer paint to a flat tray as needed, but easier yet is to affix a roller screen to the five gallon bucket itself. Roller screens come with bent edges that are perfect for hanging over the edge of a bucket so the use of one will enable you to paint directly from the bucket itself without have to use and thus dirty pans, making less mess to clean up after the fact. Adding a roller screen and painting from the bucket is also an easier option when it comes to transporting paint around a room or around the house. Five gallon buckets have a convenient carrying handle and are much easier to keep level than a flat pan which aids in the prevention of spills.

When your painting is complete, you can dispose of leftover paint according to local laws or store it once more. Your five gallon bucket and roller screen can then be cleaned for reuse at a later time on another project. Overall there will be less mess to handle and your painting will be made easier, which is all the more reason to quit delaying and start painting today!

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