Not Getting Enough Heat: Causes and Improvement

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In the twenty- first century having an air-conditioner in your home is considered more than normal. However have you ever asked yourself what could that possibly cause to your health?

Having a busy schedule or just rushing for somewhere we don't usually stop and think about for a second that we are exposed to the influence of the air -conditioners almost everywhere . If it's cold outside we are content to feel warm and safe with our air-conditioners turned on; if the Summer heat is putting a pressure on us we are glad to feel the fresh air which gives us the feeling of coolness and satisfaction.

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Despite all the pleasure that this unique machine is giving us it still requires constant cleaning, especially of the filters. Although it strongly depends on the type of the air conditioner there are some recommendations suggested by professional cleaners like HireHouseCleaner South East London, which will protect you from heath and help you breathe clean and fresh air.

The causes for the heath in the air-conditioners vary, but the main reasons for this are usually the dust, the cigarette smoke and when used in kitchens in big restaurants, for example, the influence of the fats may be felt.

The dust is one of the greatest problems when using an air-conditioner. That is why a schedule for cleaning is required and it depends of the amount of the dust in the facility. It could be done once or twice a month but if there is a kind of carpet in the room it's better to be done more than once. The dust could easily modify the quality of work of the machine. In the cases of heath caused by dust the air conditioner stops working properly and starts producing weird sounds which are irritating for the ear. The heath often leads to the creation of conditions in which some kind of bacteria or mold could appear. This one is pretty unpleasant effect as it affects people and mainly children who suffer from chronic diseases.

The pollution caused by the cigarette smoke appears when the air-conditioner is on the cooling mode and that happens naturally. Once the smoke reaches the machine the smell of the nicotine could be easily detected in the room. Even if no one smokes after that the smell sticks into the air-conditioner and causes unpleasant effect for the people who breathe that air.

The pollution caused by the incorporating of fats usually appears in kitchens in some restaurants or in home, where during the process of cooking ( mainly in the process of frying something) the fats evaporate and reach the body of the air conditioners.

The struggle with prevention of heath includes a monthly prophylaxis and intensive care. The filter should be treated with a special substance, which could easily be found in shops, specialized in this sphere. Some air- conditioners possess an indicator for the appearance of the heath which is set to remind if there is a problem in every 200 working hours . It is essential to look after for the state of the machine, otherwise your health could be endangered or at least the air conditioner won't function properly .

The conclusion is- don't wait for the last minute pay attention to these ''little'' miracles, which make your life more comfortable and pleasant.

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