Post Renovation Cleaning Mess

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Renovations in your home are something that occurs at least once in a year or once in two years. Not to mention the hard work that this activity demands, it is also an indisputable fact that after finishing with the work, the real party begins. Because the post renovation mess is not only time consuming but it also requires a lot of efforts .

Even though we will be absolutely content at the end with our new home style and decoration we must admit that post renovation cleaning could not be underestimated in any ways.

There are certain steps to follow which will facilitate the whole process and which will make your home cleaner in a faster way.

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1.Walls Definitely the first thing to do is to take care of your walls. During the whole renovation process the walls have taken as much dirt as possible. What you have to do is find a clean cloth and soak in water. You may as well add a kind of detergent and gently try to wipe a small are of the walls. Be careful because this is not applicable on every type of wall and wallpaper.

2.The materials The next step is to make free space for your furniture by taking away all the materials that you have used in the process of renovation. Pick them all and get all your furniture where it has been before. In this way you get rid of all the unnecessary objects in the room.

3.Windows To clean the windows properly you can choose among certain techniques. Keep in mind that wiping them with wallpaper is not the best alternative for you. Instead you could make a solution of water and vinegar and wipe the windows . It is proven to be effective and easy way to remove the nasty stains.

4. Floor After finishing with other things it is time for the floor. A vacuum cleaner is more than needed here so that the surface may be perfectly cleared. However the vacuum is not enough when it comes to post renovation situation, you can always trust recommended tenancy cleaners. Alternatively - to clean all the dust particles or the paint stains you need to use the mop. It is better to soak it in water and use a detergent so that the floor would be perfectly cleaned. In any case use both the vacuum and the mop, because if you use them separately the room won't be cleaned properly.

5. Wait for some time To observe the effect of your cleaning wait until the next day and look carefully in every place because sometimes there are particles which remain hidden or that have fallen during the night. The disinfection of the whole area is of great importance. Take a clean cloth and wipe all the places that are still in dust.

These are some simple steps to manage with all the mess which appears after the process of renovation. You could apply it in every room of your home after finishing with the decorations. You can also hire some people which will deal with the mess by themselves, however this method requires a lot of money which no everyone could afford.

That is why we recommend these homemade easy procedures that will establish order after the renovation of your home.

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