Reinforcing Sandpaper with Duct Tape to Sand Round Surfaces

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Sanding round surfaces can be a difficult task. Due to the nature of the surface, it can be hard to reach all areas and get a uniformly sanded result. Whether you attempt to sand a round surface by hand or prefer to give it a try with machinery, the same problem persists in that the shape barrier exists. This is particularly troublesome in the case of something like bannister spindles, which may not only be round but might also taper from one end to the other or have decorative ridges in them. Since these spindles do require the occasional sprucing up and/or fresh paint, it is important to find a way to sand them despite their uncooperative shape.

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The easiest way to do this is to take a sheet of sandpaper and cut it into strips. By wrapping the strip around the spindle and holding one end in each hand, even sanding can be achieved. All you have to do is alternate pulling with each hand to create a back and forth motion of the sandpaper against the round surface of the spindle. As the spindle tapers, the sandpaper will move with it, sanding evenly until the project is complete.

As good as this method sounds, the unfortunate drawback of utilizing it is that the sandpaper can rip or tear. This will stop you in your tracks and you will be forced to move onto another strip of sandpaper which can also go on to rip or tear. This can surely to put a dent in your productivity, unless you come up with a way to stop these tears from occurring. The way to do this is with duct tape.

Take a full size sheet of sandpaper and turn it facedown. With the smooth backing facing up, grab a roll of duct tape. Working from one end to the next, in movements such as from top to bottom, cover the back of that sheet in duct tape. The goal here is to reinforce the strength of the sandpaper so that it will not rip or tear, instead lasting long enough to get you through the task at hand.

Reinforcing Sandpaper with Duct Tape to Sand Round Surfaces - GPS1504 - sand-2-276.jpg
(This is a good start, but be sure to cover the entire back side.)

With your sandpaper being made more durable, there is now no round object you cannot tackle! Even though the task of sanding surfaces such as bannister spindles that are completely round may have once seemed daunting, the truth is that it can be done with ease after all. Just add duct tape to the back of your sandpaper and you will be good to go!

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