Removing Kitchen Cabinet Grime

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Have you ever taken a good look (and I do mean a good, hard look) at your kitchen cabinets and not liked what you saw? It is easy to put out of your mind all the touching your kitchen cabinets have to endure. You can conveniently block out the vision of the many dirty, grimy hands that open and close them repeatedly during the course of the day. Forgetting about all of the cooking residue that finds its way onto cabinets is no problem at all.

Ignoring the accumulation of dirt, grease, and grime built up on your cabinets will not make it go away. Neither will a quick wipe down with a rag. That stuff gets on there and becomes quite determined to stay, sort of like an unannounced house guest who makes themselves a little too at home. You want it gone but don't really know how to go about getting it to leave and dread putting forth the effort to make it go.

As unlikely of a solution as it may seem to be, you can clean the built up dirt and oil (be it cooking oil or the natural oils in hands) by adding more oil! That may sound like a recipe for disaster because surely oil will do as oil does and bond/stick together even more, right? No, that is surprisingly not the case, at least once you add baking soda to the mix.

With vegetable oil and baking soda, you can create a scrub that will remove build up from your kitchen cabinets. Simply combining two parts baking soda for every one part of vegetable oil is all it takes to get the job done. Mix until it forms a paste and apply that paste to your cabinet doors. Once it is on there, you will have to throw in some elbow grease, but this technique is still superior to many other methods I've tried and seen fail. With a sponge, brush, or even your fingers, scrub your paste into the dirty cabinets, working it into the nooks and crannies where dirt and grime has a tendency to hide.

(Before on the left, after on the right.)

Once you are satisfied with the level of cleanliness you've achieved, wipe away the paste with a clean, absorbent cloth and you're done! If you have any doubts as to the cleanliness achieved, snap a quick before and after photo for comparison. Also take a look at the color of the used paste as it will reflect the dirt and grime it removed by discoloring and becoming darker in appearance. Quick and easy cabinet cleaning with items you probably already have around the house; it does not get much better than that!

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