Removing Mineral Deposits from Showerheads

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As time passes, showerheads fall victim to mineral build-up. This can clog the holes in your showerhead, affecting its performance. Your showerhead output can be reduced from a swift rush to a mere trickle thanks to pesky buildup blocking the flow of water. This buildup can also be rather unsightly as it causes film and discoloration on and around showerheads. It can be hard to feel like you are getting clean in the shower when you look up and are greeted by a dingy showerhead.

Cleaning a showerhead is a fairly uncomplicated task, however, so you can do something about that funky showerhead and restore it to health without the help of a professional. An assortment of products are sold to help with buildup such as that your showerhead is experiencing, and you can give whichever one you prefer a try. You can also simply use vinegar, which is extremely cheap, but do your homework beforehand to make sure your product of choice will not affect the finish of your showerhead.

Start by removing your shower head. The easiest way to do this is by affixing a pipe wrench to the part of your showerhead extending from the wall (the neck) and using pliers on the showerhead attachment. While holding your pipe wrench steady, turn the pliers so that your showerhead loosens as is able to be removed. If you have given it your best but your showerhead will not budge, don't worry as there is a solution for that problem as well.

Soak your removed showerhead in a bowl of vinegar or another appropriate cleaning agent overnight. This will do a lot of work as far as removing mineral deposits, but taking a toothpick to the holes and prying out anything that is left after a 24 hour soak should finish the job. Just be careful not to be so overzealous that you break your toothpick off in one of the holes! If your showerhead was not able to be removed, try filling a Ziploc bag with vinegar or another suitable cleaning agent and hanging it over your showerhead so that the head is submerged. After 24 hours, use the same toothpick method in addition to rinsing and wiping the cleaner off of the showerhead.

Reattach your showerhead and run a steady stream of water through it for several minutes. This will force out any of the remaining buildup still trapped in the holes. Once these few minutes are up, it is back to business as usual for you and your showerhead, only this time it is the both of you that will be nice and clean!

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