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If you have wallpapered rooms in your home, there will likely come a time when that wallpaper needs an update. Whether you wish to stay with wallpaper as a wall covering or prefer to start over with paint, one thing remains the same, and that is the need for old wallpaper to go. Luckily, wallpaper removal is not a terribly difficult task but it can be one that requires a little bit of time and patience.


The first step is to visit your local home improvement store to select a wallpaper removal product. Utilizing a solution that will break down the bond between glued on wallpaper and the wall itself will make the process much easier on you and there are many solutions on the market to help you out.

Once you've chosen a solution with which you are comfortable, it is time to consider the means of application you will use. Since these solutions typically require dilution which is made easier through use of a larger sprayer. Handheld sprayers can be used, but larger sprayers will be more convenient for a job like this, especially for overhead sections of wallpaper.


The next thing you will need to do is prepare the wallpaper before spraying. To make your removal solution able to work more effectively, it helps for it to be able to reach the back of the wallpaper. You can enable such reach by scoring wallpaper horizontally across in sections about a foot or so wide. The cut in the wallpaper will allow the solution better access to backing and glue, lessening the adhesive bond.

At this point, before you begin actually spraying wallpaper, you might wish to consider adding plastic or drop cloths to your floor. This will save you from having to pick up small pieces of paper but may also act as a protective barrier.

If you are uncertain as to whether this is necessary, consult the instructions on your solution label for warnings as to whether or not discoloration is a possibility. This would be a good time to also consider opening windows to increase ventilation should fumes emit from your removal solution.


When your underfoot preparations are complete, begin spraying your wallpaper. After a few minutes it should begin to peel easily with a little encouragement from a drywall knife. As you peel, be careful not to gouge the wall beneath so the wall you cover will be a much more workable surface for your future plans.

If any sections of wallpaper or backing are particularly difficult to remove, just give them another spray and allow a few more minutes for absorption time, then try again.

Before long you will have a bare wall that is ready to go in the new direction in which you wish to take it.

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