Repairing Damaged Corner Beads

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As we go about the business of daily living in our homes, sometimes wall corners bear the brunt of our activities. This could mean dents and dings from moving furniture, running the vacuum, or even kids bumping into them with toys. Regardless of how it happens, in the end we are left with wall corners that are showing serious signs of wear and are in dire need of repair.


Although metal corner beads are in place to protect the edges of drywall where they meet to form a corner, even those can only withstand so much pressure and contact. When you notice that a problem is present, the way to fix it is to replace that metal wall bead and use joint compound as an overlay.

To do this, you are going to need to take a hacksaw and cut into the corner section to remove the damaged portion of the old wall bead. Start by making a cut above and below the damaged section that will reach inward about an inch or at least far enough to remove the old, damaged corner bead.


Once these cuts are made, score the area around the mental corner bead
in the form of vertical lines just outside of the edges with a utility
knife. At this point, you will need to pry the old metal corner bead
free from the wall and cut a new section to go in its place that
corresponds in length.


Take your newly cut section and nail it in place securely. Once it is flush with the wall where you need it to be, cover it with a layer of joint compound and allow that to dry. It will take a reasonable amount of joint compound to cover the patch so overnight drying may be necessary.

After drying is complete, sand the area lightly and add a couple more thin layers of joint compound, texturing to match your wall as needed. When the additional layers are dry, you can go ahead and apply primer in preparation to paint.




After the paint has dried, the repair should be all but invisible, blending naturally with the rest of the wall. Since chances are that you will have some metal corner bead leftover, be sure to place it in a safe place for future use.

Unfortunately drywall corner edges are one of those things that do sometimes take a beating but having the supplies at the ready will keep you one step ahead of the game when it comes time to patch things up.

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