Simple Springtime Spruce Ups

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Spring is here and with it comes the time for spring cleaning, but why stop there? In addition to de-cluttering your home, why not give it a little springtime spruce up in the process? There are a few things you can do, both inside and out, to rejuvenate your home as spring arrives. With the accumulation of junk being cleaned up, why not do the same for the accumulation of gunk?

Spring is a good time to tackle the task of gutter cleaning. Since chances are good that leaves have accumulated in your gutters over the past several months upon falling, they are going to need to be removed so as to avoid inhibiting the function of your gutters. Clogged gutters cannot do the job they are intended to do, so scoop leaves out by carefully climbing up a ladder and doing it manually or creating a device to aid you in leaf removal from the ground (cutting the top off of a half-gallon milk jug and attaching it to a pole makes for a decent leaf scoop). Once you are done, rinse any remaining debris from your gutters so you will be ready for those April showers that are right around the corner!

Pressure washing the exterior of your home is a simple way to spruce it up, especially after gutter cleaning should any debris have managed to stick to your home exterior as it was removed from the gutters. You might not realize it, but all sorts of dirt and grime can collect on the exterior of your home along with mildew and mold. By pressure washing, you can remove these unpleasantries not only to improve the appearance of your home but to preserve the structural integrity as well, since having such growth on your home can compromise the materials used to build it. You can purchase or rent a pressure washer to get this job done if you do not already own one, and while scrubbing is not required, a mild detergent will make the job easier. Just be sure to select a detergent that corresponds with the areas you intend to clean, such as those for siding, brick, decking, etc.

Since warm weather is here for some of us and close to being here for the rest, now is the time to give your air conditioner a once over. The easiest way to show your air conditioner some love is by changing the filter. This simple task is often overlooked and doing so can lead to a lack of efficiency or other problems down the road. AC filters only cost a few dollars and can be purchased at any home improvement store. Don't forget to measure your old filter before you set out to purchase a replacement. Be sure to stay on top of filter changes moving forward, performing checks if not changes every month or so depending on use.

Another improvement you can make that pertains to air conditioning is a thermostat upgrade. Programmable thermostats allow you to conserve energy while no one is home but can be set to kick on in time for your arrival to greet you with a cooled off home. Simply set your thermostat to coordinate with your work or school hours to get the most cost effective use in exchange.

When it comes to having a nice, cool house on a hot day, the last thing you want is seepage allowing the cool temperature to elevate. After all the hard work your air conditioner did you cool your home, do not let gaps around windows and doors steal that away. Check your weather stripping and replace any that may have dry rotted or come apart from the doors (don't forget to check your attic door as well!). If you can see light around a door, you can rest assured that air will be passing through the same space that light is. Also important is caulk; pick up a tube to seal off any leaks around doors and windows to keep cool air inside where it belongs.

A few simple steps to spruce up your home can go a long way towards improving both appearance and overall function. Now that the weather is warming up but is not yet too hot, this is the perfect time to tend to those outside tasks. If you wait, sweltering heat will soon find you and those tasks may wind up being put off until next year. When it comes to springtime spruce ups, there is no time like the present-spring!

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