Smart Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet Color

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Carpeting is one of the most expensive and difficult parts of interior decoration. There are a number of decisions to make regarding carpeting your home including fibre type, style of carpet, price of carpet and last but not the least, color.

Color often comes as the trickiest decision for the customers for a variety of reasons. It may not be a good option for the customer to visualize a color in a large space judging from just a small swatch. A change in color can be a drastic and dramatic effect; even though it is sometimes desired, it can be really scary otherwise. The customers often have hard time choosing a color as their chosen color may not suit their lifestyle. For example, they may want white carpet, but can't opt for having kids and pets in home.

Go for a Neutral Color

There is a valid reason why neutral colors such as white, black, gray, ivory, beige and taupe are the best sellers in carpeting. Carpet has a wide impact on the look of a room and thus the home, and so a vibrant color in a large area may be overpowering. Also replacing carpet is an expensive option. Therefore, unless you have the patience and financial ability to replace the carpet once in every few years, it will be best to keep the floor neutral and opt for applying bolder and brighter colors in other less costly areas of your room. You may opt for painting the walls or changing the cushions, bedding and other smaller accent pieces like framed art and lampshades.

Be Watchful About Carpet Samples

Ask for a sample of the carpet which you can take home. It may be just a small swatch in the sample book. They may even cut a small piece from the roll in case they don't have a larger piece of sample. The sellers know how important it is to look at the samples in the right condition and they will try to make you satisfied with your purchase. If you think that the salesperson tries to rush you into decision making without letting you take the sample home, then it is recommended to try a different store.
After you take the sample home, make sure you put it onto the floor where it will be installed. This is the key tip; many customers hold the sample up to the wall or tally it with the color of sofa. But this way, the appearance of the color may get affected as it is not likely to reflect the light in the same way as it would do it laid flat on the floor.

Take your Time

The most effective way of getting a feel for the color is to keep the sample in place for at least one to two days. Get the feel of the color in different light conditions during daylight and at night with indoor lights turned on. Look at the sample but don't stare at it. Throw an occasional glance and gauge your reaction to the color every time.

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