Solving the Mystery of Vanity Rust Stains

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There are a lot of surfaces in your bathroom where you probably do not expect to find rust. Such places are on the edges of bathtubs and atop sink vanities. Since you take care not to leave rusty items there, when rust shows up to stain those surfaces, it can be quite an unpleasant surprise. Getting rid of it is possible, but diagnosing the reason why is what is necessary to keep it from happening again.

Take a close look at the items you keep on your bathroom vanity or bathtub edges. Chances are the items you store there are fairly benign, such as a toothbrush holders and soap dishes. When you look at those items, you probably see something that is made of ceramics or plastic. There is no way such an item can cause rust and related staining to form, right? Well, to get the answer to that question, you may need to lift that item up and take a look at its underside.

Many of the items we use in our bathrooms have a metal underside to them. This is not necessarily visible but it is there nonetheless. Such an underside is usually chrome plated metal, and over time the chrome plating will wear away and/or flake off. When this happens, the metal beneath it is exposed to the moisture in your bathroom and begins to rust, transferring that rust and related staining to your bathroom surfaces.

These unsightly rust stains can be removed by buffing, but you are going to have to take a few steps to prevent them from happening again. You can replace the items that are the culprit of such stains, and in some cases you may have no choice depending on the level of damage, but you might be able to do a little preventative maintenance on those items to stop staining from happening again.

In the case of items with a metal underside, the rust will have to be removed. You can do this by scrubbing it with a wire brush. Once this is done, seal the area with a couple of coats of clear nail polish to prevent rust from recurring. This will help keep rust from happening again in those areas, but the rest of the surface is still susceptible to rust if you return it to the same moist conditions. To avoid having the same thing again, purchase some rubber bumpers and place them to the bottom of your items with rust potential. This will keep the item slightly elevated and prevent it from absorbing water from any water that may get on your vanity or tub edges, thereby preventing it from being able to stain those surfaces with rust.

Rubber bumpers are a cheap solution to what could be an annoying and unsightly problem. Not only can they be used in your bathroom but also in many other areas around your home, for elevating items, preventing friction, and even adding grip to the contact points on certain items such as coasters. For a few dollars and a few minutes time, banish rust spots and stains from surfaces for good.

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