Strip LED lighting: Things to Remember before Purchase

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LEDs have evolved to serve several purposes. Since their invention in 1927, LEDs have seen a gradual growth in their use and acceptance. LED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode, a device that relies on a semiconductor such as silicon to hold electrons in a definite energy state. The light produced is a result of electrons releasing energy due to a change of energy states. The physics associated may be a little trippy for the layman, but the results of this are for everyone to enjoy. The glittering world of the city lights is undergoing a slow and efficient transformation as more people are switching to LED lights.

The ever increasing popularity of these lights is a result of some unassailable advantages that they hold over conventional bulbs. They are more economic, energy efficient and long lasting. Despite the initial high investment required in LEDs, subsequent savings in energy bill and long life can offset this. They are environment friendly and currently have no known health hazard.

Commonly, these lights are arranged in strips. LED strip lighting can be observed in several places around us. Essentially, this consists of a number of LEDs mounted on a circuit to create a train of light.

Where can strip LEDs be used?
Strip LEDs are used in a variety of environments. In the world of dcor, LED strip lighting has leapt into prominence. Almost all decorative strips that used to line the glass panes of stores have been converted to those made of LED. While creating lighting effects for buildings and other famous structures, the preference for LEDs is ubiquitous. Though the high costs involved still deter many from making use of them, there still remain some areas where these bulbs are being used.
  • Bars and clubs These are perhaps the most common and first places where one could spot the use of LED lighting. The bright lights complete an atmosphere of trance and merry making.
  • For highlighting advertisement boards - Hoardings and other such publicity banners require great lighting systems to increase its visibility. Traditionally, colored bulbs were used. As an increasing number of people realize the benefit of using these bulbs, LEDs have come into prominence. These can provide great contrast in multiple formats.
  • Highlighting pavements and routes - Cinemas and airliners make great use of LED strips. It is these bulbs that mark the floor to the exit. They are used in public places as indicator systems.
  • Medical centers - There are certain therapies that rely on the use of light. It is here that LED strip lighting are used to produce light of consistent wavelength with an aim to heal certain problems in a person. Problems of skin and mood therapy are worth a mention in this regard.

Things to remember before purchasing LED strip bulbs
The internet can give you info about infinite number of manufacturers and dealers of LED bulbs. But always be wary of frauds who sell duplicate bulbs. There is no dearth of such sites on the internet. Caution is the key here.
  • If you are doing bulk purchase, it is better to go to a physical outlet. Try and get a better deal. Companies mostly have a fixed price policy and do not like to entertain queries about discounts. But it is your right to bargain on a product. Your reluctance should not be a factor during your communication with your dealer.
  • Always insist on a guarantee or a money back policy. This can be fruitful in the initial period. LEDs though reliable, may not function properly. This is more probable during the initial hours of use. A guarantee will ensure that you get an adequate replacement for your purchase.

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