Three Economical Cabinet Upgrades

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Replacing the cabinets in your home can be a daunting as well as expensive job. With many prefab and custom choices available, it can be hard to narrow it down as well as to pay for the finished product you had in mind. In some cases, replacing cabinets is a necessity, such as in the case of cabinets that are bowed or otherwise unstable. Even then you can take an inexpensive cabinet and make it into something extra special with a little bit of added time, effort, and money should splurging on an expensive design be out of the question.

One of the most commonly attempted ways to save money around the house is with do-it-yourself projects. While building your own set of cabinets is not the best jumping off point for someone with no experience in such a field, dressing up cabinets is a much easier task. Whether the cabinets in question are old but salvageable or an inexpensive but not dazzling replacement set, you can take them from being okay to great with a few simple steps.

1. For starters, a nice coat of paint goes a long way. Got some old, dark cabinets sucking the life out of your kitchen? Bring life and light back in there with a paint job that pops! This could be something as simple as white paint or the addition of a dark color that compliments your kitchen space. A change of color through painting is a relatively inexpensive fix and will bring about a huge difference in your kitchen based on the color you choose.

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2. If paint is not enough for you and it is more character that you crave, that can be done as well depending on the type of cabinets you have. You can cover your cabinets with things such as wallpaper or even glass tile to give them a more eye popping appeal. These things (and more!) can be used to create patterns if you wish or even lettering to display the family name. The sky truly is the limit as to what you can apply to cabinets to make them vibrant once again.

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3. Whether or not you choose to utilize the options above, you can take another step to modernize your cabinets, that being the addition of some new knobs or pulls. These items are inexpensive and easy to install and can really make a big difference in a little bit of space. Simply shop around for a look you like, then bring it home and install!

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Something to keep in mind when choosing a cabinet design is that the kitchen can be a messy place with spills and splashes being part of the norm. Because of this it is essential that you use a material that wipes clean easily and can withstand the moisture and heat sometimes present in a kitchen, such as when cooking. By combining resilient materials with the vision you have for your kitchen, it is possible to achieve your dreams, so let your creativity loose today!

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