Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills this Winter

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Winter with its many beauties is finally here. The warm crackle of the logs in the fireplace. The bonfires and roasted marshmallows. The stark beauty of the denuded trees against a pristine white backdrop. Building snowman and having snowball fights. Skating over frozen lakes. Winter is a unique season with many flavors, colors, sights, and sounds, but you can enjoy the beauty of the season only if your energy bills don't play the spoilsport. Thankfully, keeping your house warm and cozy need not be a stiff challenge and your energy bills needn't turn into a concern if you follow the tips given below.

Seal Leaks and Cracks

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Unknown to you, cracks and leaks around your windows and doors can lead to significant heat loss and make your heating unit work harder to keep the house warm. So check for these air leaks and weatherstrip and caulk doors and windows. Additionally, consider installing clear plastic-film storm windows to keep out cold drafts. You can find these at your local hardware store and put them up easily following the directions on the package.Electric outlets and switch plate covers are two other spaces from where heat from inside the house can escape. So install foam insulating gaskets behind these areas to seal any opening. The fireplace too, can let in cold air from outside, so make sure that the damper is closed when it is not in use and the opening is sealed tightly. A word of caution though. You must not use a traditional fireplace during winter. These fireplaces tend to drain away the warm air from your room, and then your
furnace has to work doubly hard to make the interiors cozy again.

Turn Down the Heat

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And you can still keep warm! You can lower your energy bills by as much as 3 percent by turning down the thermostat by just one-degree Fahrenheit. Wear your sweater and socks and you won't feel a difference! You can additionally lower your energy bills by as much as 20 percent if you lower the thermostat by ten degrees at night. It is a prudent idea to install a programmable thermostat that reduces the temperature at night and whenever the house is vacant for a long period of time. Of course, the unit should be installed in the right place that is, not in an unheated or chilly area of your house or in a room that is hardly used. It should also be programmed correctly.Similarly, you can also turn down the temperature of the water heater. Keep the temperature setting to "normal" or make sure that the heater is set no higher than 120-125 degrees. You can improve the performance of your water heater by insulating the pipes around the unit. Also consider installing a water heater blanket if the unit is old or islocated in a chilly part of your house.The above-mentioned tips to reduce energy bills do not involve shelling out loads of money or putting up bulky and cumbersome installments. These easy-to-implement tips will help you slash your winter energy bills and give you one more reason to enjoy the season.

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