Top Tips To Help Make Your House Into A Home

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Everyone has their own individual and unique taste when it comes to home design. We do after all have to live with our own style so it has to be something with which we are comfortable. Sometimes though it is hard to settle on an idea or stick to one throughout our home. Some houses do not feel lived in because the focus has been on creating a visual display rather than somewhere that feels like home. Here are some ways to make your home look and feel good at the same time.

Make a Statement With Furniture:

The things that we choose to fill our homes with tell others a lot about us. Whether we choose them for comfort, because the design inspires us or because there is something quirky that we enjoy, everything from the smallest to the largest piece says something. It is always a good idea to have one large statement piece of furniture in a room; even a small room should have some area of focus. Something like a farm table would for example bring interest and enjoyment to anyone's dining room setting. Have a look around at inspirational places such as for ideas. Find pieces that you are happy with and which you can visualise as being part of your home.

Keep To A Colour Scheme:

Colours have a huge impact on how we feel and perceive things. Too many different colours within a home create a cluttered and confused feeling. It is always best just to choose a colour scheme that incorporates three colours or shades of a colour. That way the rooms in your home flow into each other creating the feeling of a larger space. You could go with one main colour which is just for walls with your furniture picking up on the second colour. The third colour could be found within all of the accessories and smaller details of each room. As with style, colour is an extremely personal factor in any home so there is no best colour. Try to take into consideration things such as the amount of light that naturally comes into your home when deciding though, darker homes may need a light colour palate to make the rooms feel brighter.

Be Feely Touchy:

Texture is another important aspect of making an environment feel like a home. This can cover anything from wall coverings to furniture and accessories. A home should feel inviting and comfortable. Social areas such as living rooms benefit from items such as cushions. Rugs can offset hard wooden floors and add to the feeling of comfort and warmth. Take practicalities such as children and pets into consideration when thinking about things like carpeting and sofa coverings. Some lifestyles demand a more hard-wearing style than others. It is still easy to offset this with beautiful design and fabrics though. Add in other aspects such as baskets of potpourri, candles of different styles and shapes and vases which compliment the style and colour and you are onto a winner

Your home is your own personal statement. You should always aim to create something that you love and want to spend your time in. So go looking for inspiration today.

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