Upgrading to a Curved Shower Rod

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Gaining in popularity is the curved shower rod. This is a bathroom accessory that originated in hotels and has made its way into homes as an easy, inexpensive upgrade to enlarge bath and shower space. By adding a curved shower rod to your bathroom, long gone will be the days of feeling confined to tight shower space. With the shower curtain and/or liner no longer clinging to you while you shower, the freedom to move about and wash freely will again be yours.

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The first step in the shower rod upgrade process is to decide what type of rod you would like. Curved shower rods come in fixed length or adjustable, but fixed length rods do have to be pre-ordered and cut to the specifications of your bathroom. Adjustable rods are far easier to purchase and install, as detailed below.

When installing your new shower rod, you can avoid drilling holes by using the ones which held your previous shower rod in place. You actually want the anchor points to remain the same as moving them back would defeat the purpose of a curved rod and deprive you of its benefits. Using the original holes also saves you the trouble of having to patch and repair them, which can be especially cumbersome in tile showers. Ideally your old rod will have been installed in a vertical direction, but if it was instead horizontal, use the hole furthest from the tub. Any holes that remain visible around the edges of your new bracket will have to be patched and painted in this case.

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With your old shower rod removed and out of the way, take a bracket from the new rod and hold it over the old holes. Line it up over the holes and mark locations where new holes must go in the event that your new bracket requires more attachment points than your old one did. Ensuring that everything is level and your holes are where they should be, it is time to insert plastic wall anchors into the old holes per the instructions on the package. These will allow use of old holes without impeding the grip of the screws holding the new rod in place. With wall anchors installed, go ahead and attach the new brackets. Once your brackets are in place, lock the shower rod into place one side at a time per the manufacturer's instructions.

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With your new rod in place, all that is left to do is add a new shower curtain to suit your tastes. Another benefit of a curved shower rod is that some shower curtains on the market utilize a different means of attachment. While traditional hooks are still available, you can also purchase shower curtains with plastic rings that fold conveniently over the shower rod and are easy to clean. The conveniences of a curved shower rod are many and only one question remains: when will you be installing yours?

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