Walk-in Tubs Provide New Bathing Experience

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Walk-in tubs are a safer and more luxurious spin on the traditional bathtubs. Apart from providing a rejuvenating bathing experience, these tubs are specifically designed to ensure safety against bathroom injuries.

Bath tubs revolutionized the bathing experience where people could leave their worries behind and soak themselves into a warm, soothing and comfortable world of watery wonder. And now, since the inception of walk-in tubs, this rejuvenation has assumed multiple roles. Bathing in walk-in tubs has become a healing therapy; a body treatment that lifts up people's spirits and keeps them energized for a long time.

Walk-in tubs are a brainchild of those designers who realized that these masterpieces can put an end to the many hazardous incidents that subject people to bathroom injury. Hence, with the purpose of flexibility in mind, they strove to make the bathing experience safer, especially for disabled people. Given here are a few pros of some of the finest walk-in tubs available in the market today.

  • Safety Slipping in bathrooms is the most commonly dangerous accident that people face. Walk-in tubs have an ease of convenience as getting in and getting out is simplified. Many walk-in tubs come with compliances that are of international standard thereby minimizing the risk of falling on the wet bathroom floor. Walk in tubs come in various multi-purpose designs with traditional options like a hand held shower.
  • Hydrotherapy The biggest plus of investing in a walk-in tub is its ability to contribute towards body healing. Similar to spa and aroma therapies, this hydrotherapy bathtub heals the body by increasing the circulation of blood and its white blood cells. Being fully submerged in water, people can feel their endorphins being stimulated thereby making them De-stressed. Hydrotherapy thus is a great process of repairing wounded tissues, re hydrating sore bodies and recovering overall well-being.
  • Freedom Walk-in tubs make it possible for everyone to enjoy the wonderful experiences that warm baths have to offer. Since normal baths restrict this experience for elderly and disabled people, these tubs make it possible for them with a number of innovative features such as low thresholds, non-slippery floors, safety bars and comfortable seating. Thus, walk-in tubs allow people with mobility issues to independently enjoy their baths without assisted help.
  • Enhanced Sleep As walk-in tub bathing aids towards body-mind healing, people's disturbed sleep patterns come back on track. By releasing muscle tension and tightness from the body, the body is relaxed thereby making people enjoy a deeper sleep. Also, with the addition of sage oil to a warm bath, children suffering from flu and clogged nasal passage can feel cured and enjoy a sound comfortable sleep.
Health and safety benefits aside, a walk-in bathtub is also a luxury. It enables people to enjoy alone time after a stressful day at work. Many bathtub models with extra deluxe features like multiple jets and chemotherapy options are designed exclusively to cater to people's utmost comfort. As far as the benefits are concerned, they are strongly reiterated even by health experts. According to them, not only is senior population affected by bathroom-related injuries but even adults and children are not spared on the slippery, foamy bathroom floors. Thus, for a safer home living, people planning to invest in walk-in tubs will not be disappointed.

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