Wire Shelving for Increased Closet Storage

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One thing we can never have too much of is storage space. It sometimes seems like our possessions multiply in the dark, especially when it comes to the closet. Clutter and closets seem to go hand in hand, but it does not have to be that way. We can fight back against a messy closet and come out victorious on the other side. All it takes is installation of some extra shelves on which to organize items that are currently strewn about.

Wire shelving is an ideal option because it is low in cost and easy to install. You can cut it easily for hard to fit areas and customize your work as you go. If it is too long for a certain space, cut it quickly and cleanly with a set of bolt cutters. For closet projects, be sure to get actual closet gauge; purchasing anything heavier in composition is probably not needed and adds unnecessary expense to your project.

Before you begin, have a plan in place as to where you want your shelves to be and how many you'd like. Once you have an idea as to what you want for a finished product, grab a leveler or bubble stick (leveler and ruler combined in one device) and work out the details on your wall. Locate studs and mark locations on your wall where you plan to insert fasteners. Check and double check your work to ensure your shelves will be nice and even.

Once you have a plan ready to go, it is time to start getting your supports in place. Since the installation process can vary depending on the brand of shelving and installation components you've chosen, read any instructions and follow them closely for a solid install. Remember that back wall clips will prevent the back of the shelf from lifting in the event there is nothing on top to weigh it down but plenty of clothes beneath it to put stress on the front portion. Also keep in mind that use of a retaining clip with each section of shelving will help keep it in firmly in position. If you incorporate brackets, remember that at least one stud per shelf is necessary to hold them in place. Doing your best to keep brackets spaced evenly will make for a more uniform and neat appearance. This could mean not installing every single bracket where a stud is present, but try to incorporate as many studs as possible, especially if you will be storing heavy items. However, if you are planning to create a stack of shelves, you can also incorporate support poles, possibly even in place of some brackets.

Wire shelving can save you a lot of expense when compared to other structures such as those made of wood. The work required to install them is not terribly time consuming; it is safe to say that in most cases you can install your own wire shelving for near or even less time than it would take you to assemble a pre-fab storage system. With that in mind, you might as well mull it over a time or two, especially if you want that closet organized sooner than later!

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