Bathroom Mirrors - An indispensable part of your daily routine

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A very famous proverb says, "a mirror is a man's best friend as it's the only thing that does not laugh while you cry".

Knowingly or unknowingly, mirrors have become an inseparable part of one's daily life. And now-a-days, a bathroom mirror is seen in the bathroom of every house. From waking up in the morning before going to sleep, mirror forms an inseparable part of your daily routine whether you like it or not.

Are they the same as the normal mirrors used?
Though the purpose is the same, but the mirrors fixed up in the bedrooms and the mirrors fixed up in bathrooms vary. This is mainly because; both the mirrors are exposed to different kinds of materials. For e.g. - a normal mirror may not be exposed to hot water, or steam. Thus, keeping such things in mind, bathroom mirrors should be made of tempered glass, which is a material that is thicker than normal so that they can withstand heat, steam, water, etc.

If you a have a design in mind or you already know what kind of glass to use to make a bathroom mirror, you can always ask your designer to make sure that he follows your instruction.

Kinds of mirrors available:
  1. The standard mirrors - They are the normal old fashioned mirrors in a square or rectangle shape which may have few designing.
  2. Mirrors with a frame These mirrors have different stylish frames to give your mirror a classy look.
  3. Water resistant and fog resistant mirrors As one can understand from the name itself, these mirrors are not only stylish, but are also resistant to water and fog and thus do not get dirty with water splashes and fog.
  4. Wall mirrors These are small shaped mirrors which are primarily used for makeup and shaving. These mirrors are moving to and fro and are fixed up on the wall. These kinds are usually round in shape and are small so that they can be held close to your face to help give you a closer look.
  5. Mirrors with LED The latest style of mirrors are the mirrors which has small LED lights at the corners of the mirror. They are very stylish and get a brighter look to your washroom. This kind of mirror helps you save on electricity too.
  6. Mirrors with cabinets - These kinds of mirrors are installed on the door of cabinets built in your washroom. They serve the purpose of storage as well as provide you with a mirror thus providing you with an advantage of saving space.

All the reasons to get a mirror fixed in your bathroom:
  • They are never going to get out of fashion
  • They add a new look to your existing boring washroom
  • They do not occupy any kind of extra space, as they are fixed on the walls
  • Easy to clean and easy maintenance as they are fixed up with screws which do not create a mess
  • They eliminate the need to get dressed up in one place and then run to another place to check yourself. You can get ready as well as check yourself at the same time in front of the mirror.
  • You have an option of cabinet mirrors, which allows you to use the same space for multiple uses

Self help is the best! How?
You no, more like the old styled mirror in your bathroom? Or you got a better looking mirror which you thought would fit perfectly in your bathroom? No problem, here is a step by step guide how you can do it yourself, with just a little help from an expert.

Step 1: Firstly, cover the mirror with paper, or tape to avoid glass from cracking
Step 2: Take a shim of wood, and insert them into the gaps between the wall and the glass
Step 3: Slowly and steadily, move the shim across the fixings, and remove the screws
Step 4: Once, the screws are out and the gum with which the mirror was stuck is out, using the shim, remove the mirror

Placing another mirror in its place will require an expert's help because the mirror needs to be fixed strongly to ensure durability.

Hope you like above mentioned information about Mirrors!!! Do you want to know more? Let's have a look for some more useful information.

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