Clean and Restore Fences before Painting Them

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An ugly fence can be quite embarrassing even if your house looks great; however, this is not a reason to replace the fence. Many people don't realize that they can skip this step and instead freshen up the place. This can be achieved by painting the fence. It is less expensive and as efficient as placing a new fence.

Before you do that you need some advance preparation. You ought to give it a good and thorough wash.

Here we will talk about how you can clean your fence and give it an entirely new look. Check it out.

Restore your Fence: What to do, What not to do

The good news is that you can restore 30 years old fences and make them look brand new. This can be done for a couple of days and at a lower cost. Take for instance a friend of mine. She lived in a townhouse and wanted to replace her old graying fence. They told her it was going to cost nearly $1200. So she decided to freshen up the fence instead. When the makeover was done she figured the total price was no more than $250. She saved nearly $1000! And guess what? She was pleased with the results. The fence looked brand new for a decent price.

You ought to know that all the stains, mold, peeling paint and mildew can be cleaned even after so many years. This takes just one day! What's more, the new look of your fence can stay for 6 to 9 years and more. Not to mention, you can hire a professional to do the task. In case you want to deal with it yourself, here we will show you how.

Start by preparing the tools you are going to need.

Also be sure to wear appropriate protective clothing and safety goggles since some machines can be dangerous. This is the case with pressure washers. They can easily hurt you. In addition, they can damage the fence. So be careful. If you intend to use such a tool, keep in mind the tips we just pointed out.

Use old clothes as you want to avoid dirt gathering on your new clothing.

No Cleaning Products

Surely the market is abundant in cleaning products that claim to achieve excellent results with your fence. However, these products are not worth the money and effort. In truth, you can use a garden hose, some water and a pressure washer. Cleaning products contain a cocktail of chemicals that can destroy the grass or vegetation around the fence. Moreover, they are messy and can be difficult to apply.

The only moment when you are going to need a cleaning product is if your fence has peeling paint. In order to deal with it, you need a scraper and cleaning gel.

No paint

Don't use paint. It will start to peel in hot or humid weather and you will have to replace it every two years. Another product that you should avoid using is semi-transparent stains. Don't use low-rated stains or a clear-coat finish either. The thing about all these products is that they will not be able to cover over nails and screw stains, blemishes, etc.

Remember that even if you are not going to replace the fence, you're still going to need to replace some pieces of it. For example, you may need to replace broken, cracked or warped boards, pickets and posts. Most of these are absolutely affordable, only posts can be a little costly.

Power wash

Before you decide to stain or paint your fence, make sure you power wash it first. Pressure washing removes mildew, mold, old stains and peeling paint. If you manage to properly power wash the fence, stain will adhere easier to it. Don't forget that you can call a professional to help you out with this task.

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