Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer

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Cleaning the washer and dryer is not an activity that many homeowners do on a frequent basis, but it is necessary in ensuring long-lasting units and cleaner clothes in the future. And for washers, there is a chance that all that soap build-up will accumulate in the hoses, causing the washer to flood, but this is only in extreme circumstances.

Dirt, soap and other agents will build up in the washer, and many are not aware of this. But it is a simple process in getting all of that gunk cleaned out. Since I have a dog that sheds frequently, I kept getting dog hair on my clothes whenever I used the washing machine. Regardless of how dirty the washer may be, there are a few simple measures that will help you.

Bleach and Vinegar

Your cheapest method of getting your washer cleaned out will be bleach and vinegar, but you don't have to use bleach. If you decide to use bleach, turn on the large load cycle to fill with hot water. Once the washer is full, add a quart of bleach and allow it to mix in the washer for up to one minute. Once the bleached is mixed, leave the lid open and allow it to sit for an hour. Once the hour is over, close the lid and allow the cycle to run its course.

Once the bleach cycle is through, repeat he same process with the vinegar. Let the water vinegar mix for up to a minute and leave the lid up for an extra hour. Once the hour is up, shut the lid and allow it to cycle through.

If you don't want vinegar, lemon juice will work fine as well. You will have a clean washer, but this is only half the battle, since many also do not pay attention to the dryer drum.

Cleaning the Dryer

Have you ever noticed when colored streaking ends up on your jeans or shirts? You may think it came from the washer, but there is a high chance that the dryer is to blame, the most likely culprit being the dryer drum.

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Clothing dye may got on the drum over time, resulting in unwanted coloring on your clothes. This was a problem when when many of my black shirts came out with red streaking.

In this case, you're going to locate the dryer drum and wipe all the coloring away with a diluted bleach solution. Dip a cloth in soapy water for wiping away any leftover bleach on the drum. Allow to dry.

An all too common problem is when a child leaves his or her crayons in their pockets.
If you're trying to remove crayon from the drum, use a non-flammable cleaner for wiping. Once finished, throw a dry cloth in the washer to absorb the crayon. You'll know when the drum is clean when no more coloring shows up on the cloth.

The same process can also be used for any ink stains as well, but you may also want to use bleach and alcohol, since ink is a much tougher problem. When using bleach or chemicals, make sure they are wiped away thoroughly. Use an old cloth to absorb any leftover ink.

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